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CD120 scan for iTunesCD120: THE ROMANTIC TUBA, Floyd Cooley.  J.S. Bach: Sonata in Eb; Brahms: Vier Ernste Gesange; Earl Zindars: Trigon; Armand Russell: Suite Concertante. Cooley has been solo tuba with the San Francisco Symphony for 25 years. "Cooley’s virtuosity and suppleness to be heard and maybe even then, not to be believed,"  San Francisco Chronicle  UPC 009414712028 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Bach Sonata in Eb:  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Siciliano)  Mvt 3Allegro)   Brahms:  Mvt 1(Denn es gehet)  Mvt 2(Ich wandte)  Mvt 3 (O Tod, O Tod, Wie Bitter)  Mvt 4 (Wenn Ich Mitt Menschen)   Zindars: Trigon   Meditative And Sustained   Allegro   Chorale   Russell: Suite Concertante  Capriccio  Ballade  Scherzo  Burlesca

CD125: BOBISSIMO - Roger Bobo, Tuba.  Hindemith: Tuba Sonata; Galliard, Sonata No. 5; CD125 scan for coverBarat: Introduction and Dance; William Kraft: Encounters II; Wilder: Effie the Elephant and Tuba Encore Piece; Lazarof: Cadence VI for Tuba and Tape; Robert Spillman: Two Songs. With Ralph Grierson, piano. Bobo was tuba with Los Angeles Philharmonic for 25 years  “The Heifetz of the Tuba. Astonishing performance.” Stereo Review
UPC 009414712523
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Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Galliard Sonata:  Mvt 1(Adagio)  Mvt 2(Allegro)
  Mvt 3(Alla Siciliano)  Mvt 4(Allegro)   Barat: Intro. and Dance   Hindemith Sonata:  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Allegro)  Mvt 3(Variationen)   Wilder Children's Suite:  Effie-Dancing  Effie-in Love  Effie-Folk dancing  Effie-Chases Monkey  Effie-Sings  Effie-Carnival   Kraft:Encounters II   Spillman Songs:  Mvt 1(Andante)  Mvt 2(Allegro)   Lazarof: Cadence VI   Wilder: Tuba Encore


CD221-scan-for-iTunesCD221: TUBBY’S REVENGE. New York Tuba Quartet & New York Brass Quintet.

N.Y. Tuba Quartet: Gunther Schuller: Five Moods for Tuba Quartet; George Heussenstamm: Tubafour; Henry Purcell: Allegro and Air; Walter Ross: Fancy Dances for Three Bass Tubas; John Stevens: Music 4 Tubas; Charlie Parker: Au Privave; N.Y. Brass Quintet: Vincent Persichetti: Parable for Brass Quintet; Jan Bach: Laudes.

         The New York Tuba Quartet, formed in 1973, consisted of some of the top tubists in New York City: Toby Hanks, Stephen Johns, Tony Price, Sam Palafian. The New York Brass Quintet, formed in 1954 and in existence for over 30 years, was called “the homogenized cream of wind ensembles” by the Chicago Tribune. Robert Nagel and Allen Dean, trumpets; Paul Ingraham, horn; John Swallow, trombone; Toby Hanks, tuba. This CD is derived from two critically acclaimed LPs released in 1976 and 1978, respectively. UPC 009414722126  BUY NOW  

Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown. (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Schuller: Five Moods for Tuba Quartet  Mvmt I   Mvmt II   Mvmt III   Mvmt IV    Heussenstamm: Tubafour     Purcell:  Allegro and Air     Ross: Fancy Dances   Galop   Sarabande   Saltarello    Stevens: Music 4 Tubas  Lively   Chorale   Rock    Parker: Au Privave     Persichetti: Parable for Brass Quintet     Bach Laudes  Reveille   Scherzo   Cantilena   Volta

CD383-scan-for-iTunesCD383: THE BIG TROMBONE. Jeffrey Reynolds, Bass Trombone; and STERLING BRASS, Daniel Perantoni, Tuba; David Hickman, Trumpet.

The Big Trombone – Galliard: Sonata No. 1 for bass trombone and piano (with Zita Carno piano); Gregory Kosteck: Concert Music for unaccompanied bass trombone; Donal Michalsky: Fantasia a due for horn and bass trombone (with Robert Henderson, horn); Patrick McCarty: Sonata for Bass Trombone and Piano (with Zita Carno, piano); Walter Hartley: Sonata Breve for unaccompanied bass trombone; Orlando Di Lasso: Susannse un Jour for bass trombone and vocal ensemble.

Sterling Brass: Morgan Powell: Midnight Realities and Transition (tuba with the Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players); Glenn Hackbarth: Double Concerto (trumpet and tuba with the Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players). This compact disc is a combination of two albums originally released as LPs S383 and S394. The Big Trombone features Jeffrey Reynolds, who was bass trombonist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic for 40 years. Sterling Brass features Daniel Perantoni, tuba, and David Hickman, trumpet. Both were founding members of Summit Brass, and are international soloists. Perantoni and Hickman teach at Indiana University and Arizona State University, respectively. UPC 009414738325   BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Galliard, Sonata no 1 for Bassoon  Mvt 1   Mvt 2   Mvt 3   Mvt 4   Mvt 5    Kosteck, Concert Music   Michalsky, Fantasia    McCarty, Sonata   Mvt 1   Mvt 2    Hartley, Sonata Breve   Mvt 1   Mvt 2    Di Lasso, Susanne un Jour    Powell, Midnight Realities and Transition    Hackbarth, Double Concerto   Mvt 1   Mvt 2   Mvt 3


Antonio Capuzzi: Andante and Rondo; Arthur Frackenpohl: Sonata for Euphonium and Piano; Walter Ross: Partita for Euphonium and Piano; Samuel Adler: Four Dialogs for Euphonium and Marimba; John Boda: Sonatina for Euphonium and Synthesizer; Erman Picchi: Fantasia Originale.


Marjorie Lee, Piano; Steven Harlos, Piano; Gordon Stout, Marimba.


            Internationally-acclaimed soloist Brian Bowman presented the first-ever Euphonium recital at Carnegie Hall. This is the program that was performed on that recital. Bowman has been principal euphonium with the U.S. Air Force Band in Washington, D.C., and is now euphonium professor at North Texas University. He is acknowledged by many to be the best euphonium player in the world. UPC 009414739322.   BUY NOW  

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Capuzzi: Andante and Rondo    Frackenpohl: Sonata Moderately Fast   Slowly   Fast    Ross: Partita  Toccata   Pastorale   Furiant    Adler: Four Dialogs  Quite Slowly   Fast and Humorous   Slowly and rather lazily   Fast with a happy spirit    Boda: Sonatina    Picchi: Fantasia Originale

CD395: SAMPLER. TOBY HANKS, TUBA. Telemann: Fantasy in C Minor (from flute CD395-scan-for-iTunessonata); Hindemith: Three Easy Pieces; John Stevens: Dances; Tomasi: To Be or Not To Be; Alec Wilder: Elegy for the Whale; David Reck: Five Studies for Tuba Alone; Tom Fay: Some Music; Herbert L. Clarke: From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific; Frederick Hand: Toby & Lynn. 

Hanks is assisted by the New York Tuba Quartet: Gary Kirkpatrick, piano; David Pearl, piano; Frederick Hand, guitar; and Theo Saunders, piano.

Toby Hanks, tuba player with the New York City Ballet, the New York Brass Quintet, and the New York Tuba Quartet, "is a marvelously adept player. The music is cleverly designed to show off the instrument’s surprising capacity for gentle lyricism, sinister mystery, expressive nobility, and earthly humor." Peter G. Davis,  New York Times
UPC 009414739520   BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer)
Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Stevens: Dances   Telemann Fantasy:  Mvt 1(Grave)  Mvt 2(Vivace)  Mvt 3(Adagio)  Mvt 4(Allegro)   Hindemith: Three Easy Pieces  Moderately Fast  Slow  Lively   Tomasi: To Be or Not to Be   Wilder: Elegy for the Whale   Reck: Five Studies   Fay: Some Music   Clarke: From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific   Hand: Take One   Take Two

CD396 scanCD396: GRAVITY IS LIGHT TODAY. Roger Bobo, Tuba and Bass Horn, with Frøydis Ree Wekre, Horn. Roger Kellaway, Piano, and Jazz Ensemble. Roger Kellaway: The Morning Song, The Westwood Song, Sonoro, Dance of the Ocean Breeze; Fred Tackett: The Yellow Bird. With Fred Tackett, guitar; Ralph Grierson, piano; Skip Mosher, bass; Ray Rich, drums. Bobo is "the Heifetz of the Tuba," says Stereo Review. He was for 25 years solo tuba with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. This recording shows what jazz tuba can do.
UPC  009414739629 BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Morning Song    Westwood Song    Yellow Bird    Sonoro    Dance of the Ocean Breeze

CD398-scan-for-iTunesCD398: RAINBO-BO; The Man With the Golden Tuba - Roger Bobo. J.S. Bach: Air from Suite No. 3 (Air on the G string); Franz Schubert: Ständchen (Serenade); Meyer Kupferman: Saturnalis; Morton Subotnick: The First Dream of Light; Thomas Stevens: Encore Bōz.

Roger Bobo’s solo recordings on Crystal Records have been a sensation, eliciting comments like “The Heifetz of the tuba…astonishing performance.” Stereo Review 
UPC 009414739827 
 BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Bach: Air    Schubert: Ständchen    Kupferman: Saturnalis    Subotnick: The First Dream of Light    Stevens: Encore: Boz

CD420 scan for coverCD420: THE TUBADOURS - Disneyland's favorite tuba quartet! 18 classical favorites and 17 Christmas traditionals. Includes Nutcracker, Fledermaus Waltz, March of the Toys, Mouret Rondo, Bach Fugue, Comedians' Galop, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Too Fat Polka, Mood Indigo, Satin Doll, Barnum &  Bailey's Favorite March, Down by the Old Mill Stream, March of Marionettes, Come Dearest, Jingle Bells, God Rest Ye, First Noel, O Little Town of Bethlehem, O Tannenbaum, Away in a Manger, Il Est Ne, We Three Kings, O Come Emmanuel, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Good King Wenceslas, Coventry Carol, and more. UPC 009414742025 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
March of the Toys   March of the Toy Soldiers   Fledermaus Waltz   Barnum & Bailey   When Tubas Waltz    Rondeau   Down By the Old Mill Stream   Dance of the Reed Pipes   March of the Marionettes   Fugue in G Minor   Come Dearest, the Daylight is Gone   Comedian's Galop   Bagatelle   Mood Indigo   Satin Doll   Too Fat Polka   Eine Kleine Nachtmusik   Oh Little Town of Bethlehem   Hail to the Lord's Annointed   March of the Kings

CD690-scan-for-iTunesCD690: ROGER BOBO, TUBA LIBERA. John Stevens: The Liberation of Sisyphus; Tom Stevens: Variations in Olden Style; Shostakovich: Adagio from "The Limpid Stream"; Anthony Plog: 3 Miniatures (tuba & Piano); Krzysztof Penderecki: Capriccio (solo tuba); Trygve Madsen: Sonata (tuba,piano); Ionel Dumitru: Romanien Dance No. 2; Arban: Carnival of Venice.

For 25 years Bobo was tuba with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. "...great tuba recording by legendary virtuoso Roger Bobo. Remarkably musical & technically amazing." In-Tune
UPC 009414769022
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Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
J. Stevens: Sisyphus   T. Stevens: Variations  Shostakovich: Adagio   Plog Miniatures: Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Freely)  Mvt 3(Allegro)   Penderecki: Capriccio   Madsen Sonata:  Mvt 1(Andante)  Mvt 2(Allegro)  Mvt 3(Allegro)  Dumitru: Romanien Dance   Arban: Carnival of Venice

CD691-scan-for-iTunesCD691: MARK NELSON, TUBA. New England Reveries. Vincent Persichetti: Parable for Solo Tuba; Barton Cummings: Fantasia Breve; Neal Corwell: New England Reveries; Walter Ross: Escher’s Sketches; Louis Calabro: Sonata-Fantasia. With Sylvia Parker, piano.

Nelson was solo tuba with the Vermont Symphony and is new release editor with T.U.B.A. Journal. "...superb tuba player." Fanfare UPC 009414769121 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Cummings Fantasia Breve:  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Larghetto)Mvt 3(Molto allegro)   Persichetti:  Parable   Corwell: Reveries   Escher’s Sketches: Rippled Surface   Metamorphoses II   Cycle   Magic Mirror   Metamorphoses I   Calabro: Sonata  Mvt 1   Mvt 2   Mvt 3  

CD692-scan-for-iTunesCD692: VELVET! Velvet Brown, Tuba.  Jacques Castérède: Sonatine pour Tuba et Piano; John Stevens: Salve Venere, Salve Marte; G.F. Handel: As When the Dove; Jan Koetsier: Concertino for Tuba; Bruce Broughton: Tuba Sonata; H. L. Clarke: Stars in a Velvety Sky; Four Negro Spirituals.

"...a very good, very inspiring recording." Gene Pokorny, tuba, Chicago Symphony. "This recording signals the arrival of a major new virtuoso in the world of brass performance." Sam Palafian. With Roberto Arosio, piano.
UPC 009414769220 BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Casterede Sonatine:  Mvt 1(Defile)  Mvt 2(Serenade)  Mvt 3(Final)   Stevens: Salve Venere   Handel:  As When The Dove   Koetsier: Concertino  Mvt 1   Mvt 2   Mvt 3   Broughton: Sonata  Mvt 1   Mvt 2   Mvt 3   Clarke: Stars in a Velvety Sky    Deep River   The Gospel Train   Sometime I Feel Like a Motherless Child   Joshua Fought the Battle of Jerico

CD693-scan-for-iTunesCD693: MUSIC FOR VELVET. Velvet Brown, Tuba. Eric Ewazen: Sonata for Tuba and Piano; Verne Reynolds: Sonata for Tuba and Piano; Neal Corwell: 2 AM; Velvet Brown: Te Dago Mi (tuba, euphonium, and piano); Faye-Ellen Silverman: Zigzags for Solo Tuba; Alice Gomez: Bonampak (tuba and piano); Henri Tomasi: Danse Sacrée (tuba and piano). With Roberto Arosio, piano; and Neal Corwell, euphonium.
            Velvet Brown, an international soloist, "is a very expressive player whose tone is focussed yet robust and lively in all registers." American Record Guide. She teaches at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.
UPC 009414769329
 BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Ewazen Sonata:  Mvt 1(Andante con moto)  Mvt 2(Andante espressivo)  Mvt 3(Allegro ritmico)   Reynolds Sonata:  Mvt 1(Moderately fast)  Mvt 2(Slow)  Mvt 3(Variations)   Corwell: 2 AM   Brown: Te Dago Mi   Silverman: Zigzags   Gomez: Bonampak   Tomasi: Dance Sacree

CD694-scan-for-iTunes CD694: PERSPECTIVES – Sound and Rhythm. Velvet Brown, Tuba. James A. Beckel, Jr.: Concerto for Tuba & Percussion; Alice Gomez: Latin Jazz Suite; Franz Cibulka: Digression Nr. 5; Roland Szentpáli: Dance Movements; Alice Gomez: High-Life. With Chris Buzzelli, electric and bass guitar; and percussionists Jimmy Finnie, Roger Schupp, Laszlo Toth, and Rick Willis.  
Exploring the fascinating sounds of tuba with percussion ensemble, this is Velvet Brown’s third Crystal CD. She is quickly becoming one of the best-known tuba players in the world. A protégé of the legendary Roger Bobo, she is an international soloist and associate professor of tuba and euphonium at Pennsylvania State University.
            This is a spectacular album with some invigorating sounds. It is rare to hear such fine tuba playing and rarer still to hear the tuba with such stimulating percussion, played by some of the best players anywhere.
UPC 009414769428   

    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Beckel: Concerto  Mvt. 1  Mvt. 2  Mvt. 3: Gomez: Latin Jazz Suite  Guaguanco   Bolero   Mambo-cha   Afro-Cuban   Cubop   Cibulka: Digression Nr. 5  Mvt. 1   Mvt. 2   Mvt. 3    Szentpáli: Dance Movements   Gomez:  High-Life

CD695-scanCD695: INSIDE OUT. Tom McCaslin, Tuba. Frank Zappa: Outside Now Again (unaccompanied tuba); Sam Pilafian: Relentless Grooves II (tuba and prerecorded accompaniment); Jorge Salgueiro: Concerto for Tuba (tuba and piano); Juraj Filas: Sonate (tuba and piano); Francois Thullier: Rebellion (unaccompanied tuba); Elizabeth Raum: Tribute (tuba and piano). With Gail Novak, Piano.
            The legendary tuba virtuoso Roger Bobo called Tom McCaslin “a great tubist” and wrote that “the repertoire on this CD is the most interesting that there’s been in a very long time. The CD is a winner. I predict it will be a big seller.” McCaslin has performed with the Auckland Philharmonia, Minnesota Orchestra, Detroit Symphony, New Mexico Symphony, and Boston Symphony Orchestra. He has presented recitals worldwide, and is currently Professor of Tuba and Euphonium at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. UPC 009414769527 BUY NOW  

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear 30 seconds of the movement shown. Pilafian: Relentless Grooves II: Armenia   Mvt 1  Liberation   Mvt 2  Identity   Mvt 3  Lament   Mvt 4  Kef Time   Salgueiro: cONCERTO fOR tUBA   Mvt 1  dEPTHS   Mvt 2  bEATING   Mvt 3  cADENZA   Mvt 4  fANTASY   Mvt 5  fIREWORKS    Zappa: Outside Now Again  Mvt 1 Original   Mvt 2 With Effects   Filas: Sonate  Mvt 1  Moderato   Mvt 2  Allegro agitato   Thuillier: Rebellion    Raum: Tribute


PS101 scan for iTunesPS101: SONATA. Toby Hanks, Tuba.

Castérède: Sonatine for Tuba and Piano; William Schmidt: Sonata for Tuba and Piano; Alec Wilder: Elegy for the Whale; Koetsier: Sonatina for Tuba and Piano; Schumann: Adagio and Allegro; Pisciotta: Sonata for Tuba and Piano.

Toby Hanks was tubaist with the New York Brass Quintet for nearly 40 years. He was tubaist with the New York City Ballet Orchestra, the American Composers Orchestra. Before that, he played with the San Antonio, Puerto Rico, and Minneapolis Symphonies. He was a long-time teacher at the Manhattan School of Music, Yale University, and the New England Conservatory.

            This CD is on the Planesong label, originally released in 1996. It is now exclusively distributed by Crystal Records. “Throughout the recording Hanks displays formidable technique and range, and a relaxed, singing quality of tone. Perhaps better known in recent years for his teaching, this recording is a reminder of what a virtuoso performer Toby Hanks remained until his retirement.” Frank Gazda, International Trombone Association Journal, April 2014
UPC 009414910127. Order for PS101 is temporarily unavailable on-line. To order, please call Crystal Records at 360-834-7022 or email  

Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown.(to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Casterede: Sonatine  Defile   Serenade   Final    Schmidt: Sonata  Moderately   Slowly   Moderately Fast    Wilder:  Elegy for the Whale    Koetsier: Sonatina  Allegro   Minuetto   Allegro Moderato    Schumann:  Adagio   Allegro    Pisciotta: Sonata  Allegro   Sostenuto   Vivace

Cassettes (these are being liquidated and are in limited supply):

C120:  FLOYD COOLEY, TUBA.   J.S. Bach:  Sonata in Eb (trans. Cooley);  Brahms: Vier Ernster Gesang (trans. Williams);  Earl Zindars: Trigon;   Armand Russell:  Suite Concertante (for tuba & wind quintet).   Cooley is tuba player with San Francisco Symphony. 009414712042  Cassette SOLD OUT see  CD120

C125:  ROGER BOBO & TUBA Play Hindemith: Tuba Sonata; Alec Wilder: Effie the Elephant;  William Kraft:  Encounters II;  Galliard: Sonata #5;  Barat:  Introduction & Dance.  also available on  009414712547 Cassette SOLD OUT see CD125 

C126:  PRUNES,  with Froydis Ree Wekre, Horn;   Roger Bobo, Tuba & Bass Horn.     J.S. Bach:  Air for G-String;   Sinigaglia:  Song & Humoreske;   Schubert:  Serenade;   Cui:  Perpetual Motion;   Roger Kellaway:  Sonoro & Dance of the Ocean Breeze.  Cassette  009414712646   see also CD396  

C391:  ON TUBA:  BART CUMMINGS.     Walter Ross:  Piltdown Fragments for tuba & tape;  Marilyn Ziffrin:  Four Pieces;   Fredrick Zinos:  Elegy for tuba & piano;   Jae Eun Ha:  Three Pieces.    with Mary Jane Moore, piano.   009414739148   Cassette SOLD OUT

C392:   BOTUBA.  Roger Bobo, Tuba.  Verne Reynolds:  Signals for trumpet, tuba, & brass choir (w/Thomas Stevens, trumpet);  Lazarof:  Cadence VI;  Spillman, Two Songs (w/Ralph Grierson, piano);  Kraft, Encounters II;  Thomas Stevens, Encore Boz;  Wilder,  Tuba Encore Piece.    009414739247   Cassette SOLD OUT

C393:  BRIAN BOWMAN, EUPHONIUM.  Samuel Adler, Four Dialogs; Ross, Partita; Capuzzi, Andante & Rondo; Boda, Sonatina.  w/Gordon Stout, marimba; Marjorie Lee, piano.   009414739346  (At the present time, this is our only Euphonium recording, but it is a good one.)  Cassette SOLD OUT see CD393

C396:  GRAVITY IS LIGHT TODAY.  Roger Bobo, Tuba.  Roger Kellaway: The Morning Song & The Westwood Song;  Fred Tackett: The Yellow Bird. (jazz tuba) with Fred Tackett, guitar;  Roger Kellaway  & Ralph Grierson, piano;  Skip Mosher, bass;  Ray Rich, drums. 009414739643  Cassette SOLD OUT see  CD396 

C421:  THE TUBADOURS.     Disneyland's original ambulating tuba quartet.     March of the Toy Soldiers,  Fledermaus Waltz,   Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,   Too Fat Polka,   Dance of Reed Pipes (Nutcracker),   March of the Marionettes,   Mood Indigo, etc. cassette  009414742148  see CD420 

C422:  MIGHTY TUBADOURS MERRY CHRISTMAS ALBUM.     Traditional Christmas melodies and classical favorites played by America's favorite tuba quartet. 009414742247 Cassette SOLD OUT see CD420 

C691:  MARK NELSON, TUBA: New England Reveries.  Vincent Persichetti, Parable for Solo Tuba; Barton Cummings, Fantasia Breve; Neal Corwell, New England Reveries; Walter Ross, Escher’s Sketches; Louis Calabro, Sonata-Fantasia.  with Sylvia Parker, piano.  Nelson was solo tuba w/Vermont Symphony & is new release editor with T.U.B.A. Journal.   "superb tuba player",   Fanfare   UPC 00941476914-5 Cassette SOLD OUT see CD691

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