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CD124-scan-for ITunesCD124: PERCUSSION BY WILLIAM KRAFT. Triangles, Theme and Variations, Momentum, Soliloquy, Quartet for Percussion. Barry Silverman, Thomas Raney, percussion soloists; Pacific Percussion Ensemble, Percussion Quartet from Tanglewood, members Los Angeles Philharmonic.  William Kraft and Frank Epstein conducting. “Wow, what sounds!” Audio Magazine 
UPC 009414712424

Sound samples
(uses RealPlayer)
Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Triangles   Theme & Variations    Momentum   Soliloquy    Quartet:  Mvt 1(Spectral Dance)  Mvt 2  Mvt 3

CD109  for iTunes 1400Another LP classic on CD from the Los Angeles Brass Quintet, here with the Los Angeles Percussion Ensemble; Stanley Chaloupka, Harp; and Sharon Davis, Piano.
The third LP from the Los Angeles Brass Quintet, released in 1974, also garnered attention for its spectacular playing and exciting repertoire. Now on CD109, the playing and recording quality are still among the best. Brass performers, same as on the first LABQ LP and CD, are fabulous trumpeter Thomas Stevens and tuba player Roger Bobo, along with Miles Anderson on trombone, Mario Guarneri on trumpet, and Ralph Pyle on horn. The Los Angeles Percussion Ensemble, the brass players, and Stanley Chaloupka, harpist, were all members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the time this recording was made. Sharon Davis is a famous recording artist and touring pianist.

CD109. William Kraft, Nonet for Brass Quintet and Percussion; Frank Campo, Madrigals for Brass Quintet; Rayner Brown, Concertino for Harp and Brass Quintet; William Schmidt, Concertino for Piano and Brass Quintet.  UPC 009414710925  BUY NOW

These works were all written for the Los Angeles Brass Quintet. The Kraft Nonet is unique in its instrumentation and its 22 minutes are an exciting listening experience. Rayner Brown was Dean and State Chairman of the American Guild of Organists. He wrote a wonderfully listenable piece for this recording. William Schmidt is well known for his hundreds of works for brass and woodwinds, which are staples in the repertoire for concerts throughout the world. Frank Campo was a Professor at California State University Northridge for 25 years, and his many works are performed regularly.

CD181-scan-for-iTunes-1400CD181: DAVID CRAIGHEAD, Organ. William Albright: The King of Instruments (A parade of Music and Verse for Organ and Narrator; Eugene Haun, Narrator); Vincent Persichetti: Sonata for Organ, op. 86, and Drop, Drop, Drop Slow Tears (organ solo); Samuel Adler: Xenia, A dialog for Organ and Percussion (Gordon Stout, Percussion); Paul Cooper: Variants for Organ.
David Craighead was Chairman of the Organ Department at Eastman School of Music from 1955 to 1992. His annual tours were consistently sold out well in advance. One of the most respected organists in the world, Craighead represented “...the American School of organists at its finest.” New York Times UPC 009414718129  BUY NOW  

Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown.(to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button) Albright The King of Instruments  Intro   Organ entrance      Persichetti  Sonata  mvt. 1  mvt. 2  mvt. 3    Drop, Drop Slow Tears    Adler  Xenia    Cooper  Variants for Organ

CD329-scan-for-iTunesCD329: ASCENDING TO SUPERLATIVES, Carolyn Hove, English Horn. William Kraft: Encounters XI – The Demise of Suriyodhaya (English horn, with Raynor Carroll, percussion); Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Ecologues(flute, English horn, guitar); Alan Hovhaness: Suite, op. 21 (English horn, bassoon); Gerhard Samuel: Lyric Scene (English horn, 2 violins, cello); Paul Turok: Improvisations (English horn, violin, piano). Carolyn Hove has been solo English horn with the Los Angeles Philharmonic since 1988. “, gorgeous, juicy sound...” Bruce Gbur, American Music Magazine. UPC 009414732927 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.Tedesco Eclogues:  Mvt 1(Andantino)   Mvt 2(Allegro)   Mvt 3(Lento)   Mvt 4(Allegretto)      Kraft Encounters: Suriyodhaya  Tactics  Suriyodhaya's Dream  Peace of God  Strategy    Turok: Improvisations    Samuel: Lyric Scene    Hovhaness: Suite  Adagio  Allegro  Andante   

CD387-scan-for iTunesCD387: BALANCING ACT, Bill Booth, Trombone. Scharnberg: Betwixt & Between (for 2 violins, viola, cello, and Greg Goodall, marimba); Creston: Fantasy; Beethoven: Variations; Ravel: Piece in Form of Habanera; Plog: 3 Miniatures; Schumann: Fantasy Pieces; Convertino: 4 Preludes.
Bill Booth has over 500 motion picture credits and is Principal Trombone in the Los Angeles Opera and Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. He is accompanied by Bryan Pezzone and 14 others of the most prominent motion picture instrumentalists.
UPC 009414738721

Selected Sound samples
(uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the title shown.
Beethoven: Variations
     Creston: Fantasy    Scharnberg:  Betwixt & Between   Plog Miniatures:  Mvt 1 (Moderato)  Mvt 2 (Allegro)  Mvt 3(Allegro)    Ravel: Piece in the form of a Habanera    Convertino: Four Preludes  No 1  No 2  No 3  No 4    Schumann: Three Fantasy Pieces  Zart Und Mit Ausdruck  Lebhaft Leicht  Rasch Und Mit Feuer

CD393-scan-for-iTunesCD393: The First Carnegie Hall Euphonium Recital, BRIAN BOWMAN, Euphonium. Antonio Capuzzi: Andante and Rondo; Arthur Frackenpohl: Sonata for Euphonium and Piano; Walter Ross: Partita for Euphonium and Piano; Samuel Adler: Four Dialogs for Euphonium and Marimba; John Boda: Sonatina for Euphonium and Synthesizer; Erman Picchi: Fantasia Originale. Majorie Lee, piano; Steven Harlos, piano; Gordon Stout, marimba.
Internationally-acclaimed soloist Brian Bowman presented the first-ever Euphonium recital at Carnegie Hall. This is the program that was performed on that recital. Bowman has been principal euphonium with the US Air Force Band in Washington, DC, and is now euphonium professor at North Texas University. He is acknowledged by many to be the best euphonium player in the world.
UPC 009414739322    BUY NOW  

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Capuzzi: Andante and Rondo    Frackenpohl: Sonata Moderately Fast   Slowly   Fast    Ross: Partita  Toccata   Pastorale   Furiant    Adler: Four Dialogs  Quite Slowly   Fast and Humorous   Slowly and rather lazily   Fast with a happy spirit    Boda: Sonatina    Picchi: Fantasia Originale




CD396 scanCD396: GRAVITY IS LIGHT TODAY, Roger Bobo, Tuba and Bass Horn, with Frøydis Ree Wekre, horn; Roger Kellaway, piano; and Jazz Ensemble. Roger Kellaway: The Morning Song, The Westwood Song, Sonoro, Dance of the Ocean Breeze; Fred Tackett: The Yellow Bird. Fred Tackett, guitar; Ralph Grierson, piano; Skip Mosher, bass; Ray Rich, drums.
Bobo is “the Heifetz of the Tuba” says Stereo Review. He was for 25 years solo tuba with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. This recording shows what a Jazz tuba can do. UPC
  009414739629  ORDER NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Morning Song    Westwood Song    Yellow Bird    Sonoro    Dance of the Ocean Breeze

CD694-scan-for-iTunesCD694: PERSPECTIVES – SOUND & RHYTHM, Velvet Brown, Tuba. James A. Beckel, Jr.: Concerto for Tuba & Percussion; Alice Gomez: Latin Jazz Suite; Franz Cibulka: Digression Nr. 5; Roland Szentpáli: Dance Movements; Alice Gomez:  High-Life. With Chris Buzzelli, electric and bass guitar; and percussionists Jimmy Finnie, Roger Schupp, Laszlo Toth, and Rick Willis.  

Exploring the fascinating sounds of tuba with percussion ensemble, this is Velvet Brown’s third Crystal CD. She is quickly becoming one of the best-known tuba players in the world. A protégé of the legendary Roger Bobo, she is an international soloist and associate professor of tuba and euphonium at Pennsylvania State University.

This is a spectacular album with some invigorating sounds. It is rare to hear such fine tuba playing and rarer still to hear the tuba with such stimulating percussion, played by some of the best players anywhere. UPC 009414769428   ORDER NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Beckel: Concerto  Mvt. 1  Mvt. 2  Mvt. 3: Gomez: Latin Jazz Suite  Guaguanco   Bolero   Mambo-cha   Afro-Cuban   Cubop   Cibulka: Digression Nr. 5  Mvt. 1   Mvt. 2   Mvt. 3    Szentpáli: Dance Movements   Gomez:  High-Life

CD737-scan-foriTunesCD737: MITCHELL LURIE, Clarinet. Frederick Lesemann: Sonata for Clarinet & Percussion; Halsey Stevens: Concerto for Clarinet & String Orchestra; Robert Muczynski: Time Pieces for Clarinet & Piano. With Karen Ervin, percussion; Robert Muczynski, piano; Crystal Chamber Orchestra, Akira Endo conducting.
Lurie was principal clarinet in the Pittsburgh and Chicago symphonies. He taught at USC for over 40 years, and has been an active performer at music festivals throughout the world. UPC 009414773722

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Stevens Concerto:
  Mvt 1  (Andante con moto)  Mvt 2  (Quasi Adagio)  Mvt 3  (Allegro Moderato)    Lesemann:  Sonata  Muczynski Time Pieces:  Mvt 1  (Allegro Risoluto)  Mvt 2(Andante Espressivo)  Mvt 3 (Allegro Moderato)  Mvt 4(Andante Molto)

CD740-scan-for-iTunesCD740: VOICES OF CHANGE (20th Century Specialists). Dan Welcher: Evening Scenes; William Kraft: Melange; Larry Alan Smith: The Schrolls; Robert Xavier Rodriguez: Chronies, Meditation, and Sonatina d’Estate. Harvey Boatright, flute; Ross Powell, clarinet; Arkady Fomin and Emanuel Borok, violin; Barbara Hustis, viola; Christopher Adkins, cello; Deborah Mashburn, percussion; Jo Boatright, piano; Paul Sperry, tenor.
...a strong program, loaded with exoticl color.” LA Times UPC 009414774026

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Welcher Evening Scenes:
  Mvt 1(In Memory)   Mvt2  (The Storm)   Mvt 3  (Lullaby)   Rodriguez: Meditation    Rodriguez Chronies:  Mvt 1  (Toccata)  Mvt 2 (Intermezzo)  Mvt 3 (Scherzo)  Mvt 4(The Humidity Rag)    Kraft: Melange  Solo  Duet  Quartet  Sextet    Rodriguez: Sonatina  Mvt 1(Largo)  Mvt 2 (Allegretto)  Mvt 3(Solfeggieto)  The Scrolls

CD752-scan-for-iTunesCD752: WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET. Schuman: Dances for Woodwind Quintet and Percussion with Matthew Kocmieroski, percussion; Bergsma: Concerto for Wind Quintet; Rochberg: To the Dark Wood; Carter: Woodwind Quintet 1948; Biggs: Scherzo; Plog: Animal Ditties; Schuller: Suite. “A feast of...virtuoso music for winds. Performances are excellent.” In-Tune Magazine. “A superb performing group; first-rate in every way.” Washington DC Star. “Crisp, energetic performances and music.” Classical disCDigest
UPC 009414775221

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Bergsma Concerto:  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Andante)  Mvt 3(Allegro assai)    Rochberg:  To the Dark Wood    Carter Quintet: Mvt 1(Allegretto)  Mvt 2   Niggs: Scherzo    Plog: Animal Ditties  Mvt 1(Osterich)  Mvt 2(Guppies)  Mvt 3(Canary)   Mvt 4(Kangaroo)  Mvt 5(Fly)    Schuller: Suite  Prelude  Blues  Toccata    Schuman:  Dances

CD774: TEXAS HORNS.  Combined horn sections of Dallas and Houston Symphonies. 12 of the finest horn players in the world p009414777423.pnglus percussion recording works composed or transcribed specifically for them. Principals are renowned hornists Gregory Hustis and William VerMeulen, and percussionists Brian Del Signore (timpani, drum set, and percussion), Meredith Nelson, Gardner Kondo-Cook, and Craig Hauschildt.
         James Beckel: Portraits of the American West; Kerry Turner: Bronze Triptych; John Williams: Hooked on Williams (arr. Anthony Di Lorenzo); Samuel Barber: Adagio (arr. Roger Kaza); Thad Jones: A Child is Born (arr. Dick Meyer); Furber: Limehouse Blues (arr. Dick Meyer); Tommy Wolf: Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (arr. Dick Meyer); Sterling Procter: Amazing Grace. UPC 009414777423   

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Turner, Bronze Triptych:  Introduction    Mvt 1   Mvt 2    Mvt 3    Beckel: Portraits of the American West, Mvt 1   Mvt 2   Mvt 3   Williams/DiLorenzo: Hooked On Williams   Barber: Adagio   Jones/Meyer: A Child is Born   Braham/Furber: Limehouse Blues   Wolf: Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most   Procter: Amazing Grace


CD811 scan Epson 049CD811: HOVHANESS TREASURES. Alan Hovhaness’ favorite works: Starry Night (Scott Goff, flute; John Carrington, harp; Ronald Johnson, xylophone). Symphony No. 49 “Christmas Symphony,” Symphony No. 31, Celestial Canticle, O Joy at the Dawn of Spring. Hinako Fujihara, soprano; Gerard Schwarz and Alan Hovhaness, conductors; Northwest Sinfonia. “Four stars.” Classical CD Magazine. “The sonics are gorgeous.” American Record Guide. “The gerneral feeling is one of restrained happiness and joy throughout.” InTune Magazine.
UPC 009414781123

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Symphony No. 31:
  Mvt 1(Andante)  Mvt 2(Presto)  Mvt 3(Lento)  Mvt 4(Fuga Presto)  Mvt 5(Allegro)  Mvt 6(Andante)  Mvt 7(Fuga)   Starry Night    Celestial Canticle:  Mvt 1(Prelude)   Mvt 2(The Lord Reigneth)   Mvt 3(Under the Shadow)   Mvt 4(Alleluia)    Christmas Symphony:   Mvt 1(Celestial Prophecy)   Mvt 2(The Angel)   Mvt 3(Pastoral)   Mvt 4(The Star)

CD850-scan-for-iTunesCD850: LOU HARRISON, Concerto for Violin and Percussion; Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra. Eudice Shapiro, violin; David Craighead, organ; Los Angeles Percussion Ensemble, William Kraft conducting. “Recording of Special Merit,” Stereo Review. “The violin soars and sings. Superb performance,” High Fidelity Magazine. “...marvelous expressive melodies in the Violin Concerto. The Organ Concerto is even more flamboyant...particularly joyous.” Fanfare UPC 009414785022 BUY NOW


Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Concerto for Violin:  Mvt 1(Allegro maestoso)   Mvt 2(Largo)   Mvt 3(Allegro)    Concerto for Organ:  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Andante)  Mvt 3(Largo)   Mvt 4(Canons and Choruses)   Mvt 5(Allegro Finale)

CD873-scan-for-iTunesCD873: WANTED - THE BASSOON BROTHERS. "Wanted for low-down playing and bass behavior." Bassoon Quartet: Mark Eubanks, Robert Naglee, Juan de Gomar, Bonnie Fillmore Cox; Carlton Jackson, drums and percussion. Gounod: Funeral March of a Marionette; Irving Berlin: Alexander’s Ragtime Band; Carl Maria von Weber: Fantasy #1 (from Concerto in F); Edvard Grieg: Hall of the Mountain King; David Carroll: The Wedding Guest; Hoagy Carmichael: Georgia On My Mind; Leo Delibes: Pizzicati; Leroy Anderson: Bugler’s Holiday; Peter Schickele: Last Tango in Bayreuth and Blue Set No. 2 for Four Bassoons; Pierre Max Dubois: Scherzo pour 4 Bassons; Lorenz Hart/Richard Rogers: Bewitched; Georges Bizet: Dragoons (Entr’acte from Carmen); Dave Brubeck: Blue Rondo A La Turk; Lowell Shaw: Frippery #19 & Frippery #2; Jimmy Forest: Night Train and (traditional) Red River Valley. “Just plain hilarious...this disc pushes the frontiers of bassoondom.” Seattle Times. “...a sort of all-bassoon version of the Canadian Brass...I love it!” Audiophile Auditions.
UPC 009414787323 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the title shown.
Gounod:  Funeral March    Berlin:  Alexander's Ragtime Band    von Weber:  Fantasy #1    Grieg:  Hall of the Mountain King    Carroll:  The Wedding Guest    Carmichael:  Georgia on My Mind    Delibes:  Pizzicati    Anderson:  Bugler’s Holiday    Schikele:  Last Tango in Bayreuth    Dubois: Scherzo    Rodgers: Bewitched    Bizet: Dragoons    Schikele: Blue Set No. 2  Bassooner or Later   Portlandia in Cerulean   Gang of Wolves    Brubeck: Blue Rondo    Shaw: Frippery #19   Frippery #2    Forrest: Night Train    Trad.: Red River Valley

CD960 scan Canon.tifCD960: PHILHARMONIC STANDARD TIME.  Tom Stevens, Trumpet; Terry Trotter, Piano; Tom Warrington, Bass; Ralph Penland, Drums. Improvised jazz renditions of songs by John Green, Bronislaw Kaper, David Raksin, Victor Scherzinger, Henry Mancini, Ferde Grofe. Out of Nowhere, Body and Soul, Invitation, I Cover the Waterfront, While My Lady Sleeps, Laura, Tangerine, Two for the Road, Sylvia, On the Trail. “...thoroughly recommended,”  Jazz Journal International UPC 009414796028 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Samples are temporarily unavailable.

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