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Mark Weiger was leader of the Wizards! double reed consort, which has three highly-acclaimed CDs on the Crystal label, and which toured 22 states, Canada, and Australia. Until his death in 2008, he was Oboe Professor at the University of Iowa and a prominent touring oboist.

CD722: GRAND SONATAS FOR OBOE.   Mark Weiger, Oboe Francois Devienne: Sonatas in G Major and D Minor for Oboe and Piano; Jacques Christian Michel Widerkehr: Duo Sonatas in C Major and E Minor for Oboe and Piano. With Arthur Rowe, Piano.  
Mark Weiger’s playing has been described as "appealing and beautiful" by the N.Y. Times. UPC 009414772220
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Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Devienne Sonata in G:  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Adagio)  Mvt 3(Rondo)    Sonata in D Minor:  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Adagio)  Mvt 3(Presto)   Widerkehr: Duo in C Major  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Menuetto)  Mvt 3(Adagio)  Mvt 4(Allegro)   Duo Sonata in E Minor  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Menuetto)  Mvt 3(Adagio)  Mvt 4(Allegro)


CD725: THE ROMANTIC ROAD.  Mark Weiger, Oboe; Arthur Rowe, piano. Music from the Romantic period: late 1800s. Julius Rntgen: Sonata  No. 1;  Martin Grabert: Sonata in G minor, op. 52; Gustav Schreck: Sonata, op. 13; Charles-Joseph Colin: 3eme Solo de Concert, op. 40; Stanislas Verroust: 4th Solo de Concert, op. 77.  UPC 009414772527   BUY NOW   

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Rontgen Sonata:  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Poco Animato)  Mvt 3(Andante)  Mvt 4(Moderato)    Grabert Sonata:  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Adagio)   Mvt 3(Allegretto)    Schreck Sonata:  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Andante)  Mvt 3(Allegro di molto)    Colin 3eme Solo de Concert: Mvt 1 (Allegro moderato) Mvt 2(Allegro)   Verroust 4eme Solo de Concert:  Mvt 1(Moderato)  Mvt 2(Andante)  Mvt 3(Rondo)

CD728: OBOE WIZARDRY. Mark Weiger, Oboe; Arthur Rowe, Piano.  C.T. Lalliet, Fantasie on Flotowճ Martha; and Prelude and Variations on The Carnival of Venice; Mozart, Turkish March; Dinicu/Heifetz, Hora Staccato; Robert Stevenson, Twinkle Variations for Solo Oboe; Pietro di Simoni, Presto from Concerto in C; Martino Bitti, Sonata in C Minor; Christian Frederik Barth, Sonata Brilliant.   

Mark Weiger proves on this disc that double tonguing, triple tonguing, and circular breathing are not only possible on the oboe but can be done with musicality and panache. "With every 16th note Weiger made the music come to life," said the New York Times about a Weiger performance. "This is indeed a recording for the serious collector: interesting, original, and excellent in every way." Robert McColley, Fanfare "Mark Weiger's latest foray into the wonderful world of oboe music is a sure-fire showstopper. His sound is, as always, sweet and pliant, one of the most luxuriant on records." Ritter, American Record Guide
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Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Casimer-Theophile Lalliet: Fantaisie on Flotow's Martha    Grigoras Dinicu/Heifitz: Hora Staccato    Martino Bitti: Sonata In C Minor Mvt 1 (Adagio)  Mvt 2  (Allegro)  Mvt 3  (Adagio)  Mvt 4  (Allegro)    W. A. Mozart: Turkish March    Pietro di Simoni: Presto from Concerto in C    Robert Stephenson: Twinkle Variations for Solo Oboe    Christian Frederik Barth: Sonata Brillant in Bb Major  Mvt 1  (Allegro)  Mvt 2  (Adagio sostenuto)  Mvt 3 (Rondo: Scherzando)    Casimer-Theophile Lalliet: Prelude and Variations on The Carnival of Venice

CD872: FANTASY FOR WIZARDS! played by Wizards! A Double Reed Consort. Greg Morton: Fantasy for Wizards; Michael Curtis: A Klezmer Wedding; Michael Kibbe: Divertimento; Frederic Chopin: Waltz Brilliante; John Corina: Suite for Double Reed Quintet; Dinos Constantinides: Transformations for oboe alone; Louis Moreau Gottschalk: Danza, op. 33; Bela Bartok: Romanian Folk Dances; Johann Wenth: Quartette Concertante. Wizards has been called "the world series of double reed playing." This is a fascinating album featuring this ensemble of oboes, oboes d'amore, English horns, and bassoons. 
UPC 009414787224

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the title/movement shown.
Morton: Fantasy for Wizards!    Curtis:  A Klezmer Wedding    Kibbe Divertimento:  Mvt 1 (Adagio)   Mvt 2 (March)  Mvt 3 (Andante)  Mvt 4 (Fugue)    Chopin: Waltz Brillante    Corina: Suite  Slowly   Fast   Slowly     Castles in the Air   Tender Conversation   On the Playground    Gottschalk: Danza    Bartok: Romanian Folk Dances Joc cu Bt   Brul   Pe Loc   Buciumeana   Poarca Romeasca   Maruntel    Wenth: Quartette Concertante  Allegro Ma Non Troppo   Adagio   Menuetto   Andantino

CD874: CLASSICAL WIZARDS.   Performed by WiZARDS! A Double Reed Consort. Beethoven: Trio, op. 87, for 2 oboes and English horn; Antonio Salieri: Variations sulia Follia di Spagna, for 2 Oboes, 2 English Horns, & 2 Bassoons; W.A. Mozart: Impressario Overture, (trans. for 3 oboes, English horn, 2 bassoons, and contra bassoon); Johann Baptist Schenk: Quartetto for Oboe, 2 English Horns, and Bassoon; Frantisek Xaver Dussek: Parthia for 2 Oboes, 2 English Horns, and Bassoon. 

   WiZARDS! has been called "the world series of double reed playing." They toured throughout the U.S.and appeared at many music festivals. Their first CD received great recognition for its "miraculous playing...magic abounds" (Fanfare). The players performed in orchestras throughout the Great Lakes region and taught at colleges in Iowa City, Iowa; Oshkosh, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; and others. Members of the group on this CD are Mark Weiger, Andrea Gullickson, oboes; S. Blake  Duncan, English horn; Greg Morton, bassoon. Assisted by Michael Ericson, oboe/English horn; Benjamin Coelho, bassoon; Michael Dicker, contrabassoon
UPC 009414787422  

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Beethoven Trio:  Mvt 1 (Allegro)   Mvt 2 (Adagio)   Mvt 3 (Menuetto)   Mvt 4 (Finale)    Schenk QuartettoMvt 1 (Allegro moderato)   Mvt 2(Menuetto)   Mvt 3(Un poco adagio)   Mvt 4(Rondo)    Salieri: Variations    Dussek: Parthia  Mvt 1   Mvt 2   Mvt 3   Mvt 4    Mozart: Impressario Overture

CD876, WIZARDS! FINALE. Music for Double Reed Ensemble: Gilman Collier: Fantasy; Graham Powning: Sextuor; Phil Freihofner: Das Golem Part 2; Louis-Emmanuel Jadin: Nocturne No. 1 in d-moll; Ange Flgier: Quatuor; Jerzy Mlodziejowski: Kwartet; Mladen Pozajic: Tri Stavka.

Wizards! was an active performing group for 18 years until the death in 2008 of its leader and founder Mark Weiger. These seven gems come from the group’s research library of over 500 pieces. The first Crystal release by Wizards! elicited the comment  from Fanfare Magazine: miraculous playing…magic abounds.  The magic still abounds in this one. The core group was Mark Weiger, oboe; Andrea Gullickson, oboe d’amour; S. Blake Duncan, English horn; and Greg Morton, bassoon. On some of the pieces they are joined by Jack McCauley, English horn; and Jeff Tlighman, bassoon. UPC 009414787620   BUY NOW

glowing tone, immaculate technique, pristine intonation, ideal ensemble blend…snap this delectable item up.” Fanfare

Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown.   Jadin: Nocturne No. 1 Theme & Variations  Allegro      Flgier: Allegretto giocoso   Andante sostenuto   Allegro      Mlodziejowski: Allegretto moderato  Andante cantabile  Allegro scherzando      Pozajic: Tri Stavka  Andante  Largo  Allegretto      Collier:  Fantasy      Powning: Sextuor  Serenade: Allegro Minuetto and Trio  Largo  Finale: Aperto      Freihofner: Das Golem Part 2    (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)


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