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Kenneth Tse, a native of Hong Kong, has performed in many parts of Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States as a soloist and adjudicator. He has given clinics at major conferences, such as the Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinics and North America Saxophone Alliance Conferences, and universities around the globe.
     Mainly self-taught as a youth, he met Eugene Rousseau in 1989 and began his studies at Indiana University with Rousseau, becoming the youngest winner of the IU Saxophone Concerto Competition and the first saxophonist ever to receive the prestigious artist diploma from the IU School of Music. Rousseau called him, "a brilliant saxophonist...worthy of any stage in the world." As a student at IU, Tse began his recording and concertizing career. A winner of the New York Artists International Competition, Tse made his Carnegie Hall debut in 1996 and was hailed as "a young virtuoso" by the New York Times. An advocate for new music, Tse has had many works dedicated to him by notable composers. Tse has nine solo CDs on Crystal Records.
     Tse is currently Associate Professor of Saxophone at the University of Iowa and also serves as the Membership Director for the North American Saxophone Alliance.


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Description automatically generated with low confidenceCD358: PAS de TROIS.  Kenneth Tse, Saxophone; Benjamin Coelho, Bassoon; Alan Huckleberry, Piano. Bernard Van Beurden: Pas de trois;  Jindrich Feld: Trio Giocoso; David Froom: Arirang Variations; Perry Goldstein: Noir; Don Freund: Louder than Words. 009414735829.  BUY NOW

Saxophone, Bassoon, and Piano is an unusual combination that creates an exciting and vibrant sound. The works on this CD represent some of the finest writing for this combination, and the performers are three of the best practitioners of their art.

Kenneth Tse "plays with seductive tonal beauty" (American Record Guide) and is "a brilliant saxophonist...worthy of any stage in the world." (Eugene Rousseau). Benjamin Coelho's "playing is unfailingly sonorous, expressive and alert." (Gramophone) Alan Huckleberry has "technical mastery and interpretive panache." (Fanfare)  The three musicians are on the faculty at the University of Iowa and perform internationally.

"Both Kenneth Tse and Benjamin Coelho play with warm, full tone and with enviable agility. Alan Huckleberry ably accompanies them, and then some, because this music rarely relegates him to the back seat. His alert playing is a fine foil for his partners and for the music too." International Record Review, October 2006

"The Pas de Trois CD is living proof of just how exciting the saxophone can be in a chamber ensemble. To sum up this trio's performance would be to say they are simply superb. This trio of three virtuoso musicians has created a completely exhilarating musical experience on this CD. This is a CD that you don't want to miss. Bravo!" Saxophone Journal, Nov/Dec 2006

"From Crystal comes yet another program of stimulating chamber works by fairly obscure composers. As usual, it is beautifully performed and recorded with great presence." Fanfare Magazine, Nov/Dec 2006

"These performances are as good as they can be. The three of them play with impeccable musicianship, exhilarating technique, and panache; and they deliver nothing short of the best. Not only is it a delight to hear them play, but this music is a pleasure to hear." American Record Guide, Nov/Dec 2006

"While the instrumentation of this trio may seem unusual, the timbres blend beautifully and create interesting counterpoint throughout this wonderful recording." The Instrumentalist Magazine, August 2006 UPC

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Van Beurden: Pas de trois:  Ouverture   Pastorale   Tarantella   Feld: Trio Giocoso:  Allegro   Andante   Allegro vivo    Froom:  Arirang Variations    Goldstein:  Noir    Freund:  Louder than Words:  Part I   Part II



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Description automatically generatedPaul Hindemith, Concert Piece for two alto saxophones; Jun Nagao, Paganini Lost, for two alto saxophones and piano, and Lovers on the Celestial Sphere, for soprano and tenor saxophones and piano; Masanori Katoh, Oriental, for soprano and alto saxophones; Guy Lacour, Sute en Duo, for two alto saxophones; Victor Morosco, Contemporary Etudes in Duet Form, for two alto saxophones. with Kazuo Murakami, piano. UPC 009414735928.   BUY NOW       

         Nobuya Sugawa and Kenneth Tse are two of the best-known saxophonists in the world. Specializing in premiere performances, they present on this CD some of the most exciting new works for two saxophones. This was Kenneth Tse's fifth CD on Crystal Records. All of his CDs were greeted with praise from both critics and consumers.

“two of the finest classical saxophonists in the world…truly dynamic duo…two giants of classical saxophoneSaxophone Journal

“exceptional smoothness of tone, blend, phrasing, and articulation. The ensemble is extraordinary… total synergy.” Fanfare

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown. Nagao: Paganini Lost   Hindemith: Konzertstucke  Lebhaft   Massig langsam, Lebhaft    Katoh: Oriental    Lacour: Suite en duo  Allegro   Aria   Petite Fugue   Largo - Scherzetto    Nagao: Lovers on the Celestial Sphere    Morosco: Contemporary Etudes  Etude 1   Etude 2   Etude 4


CD656: SPARKLING SAX, KENNETH TSE, SAXOPHONE with Kari Miller, Piano. JIndrich Feld: Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano; Bernhard Heiden: Solo for Alto Saxophone and Piano; Victor Morosco, Blue Caprice; Walter A picture containing text, person

Description automatically generatedKaufmann, Meditation; Robert Muczynski, Sonata; Warren Benson, Aeolian Song; Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story Medley. UPC 009414765628 BUY NOW

"Kenneth Tse is a uniquely talented saxophonist endowed with a facile technique and a tone of great beauty, plus the ability to understand and interpret a wide range of musical styles." Eugene Rousseau, Eminent saxophone soloist & Professor of Saxophone, Indiana University

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Feld Sonata:  Mvt 1(Allegro Ritmico)  Mvt 2(Adagio)  Mvt 3 (Allegro Vivo)  Mvt 4 (Allegro con Fuoco)    Kaufmann: Meditation   Muczynski: Sonata  Mvt 1   Mvt 2     Benson: Aeolian Song     Heiden: Solo     Morosco: Blue Caprice     Bernstein(arr. Rousseau): West Side Story medley


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Description automatically generatedCD657: AN AMERICAN EXHIBITION.  Kenneth Tse, Saxophone. Mami Nagai, piano.  David DeBoor Canfield, Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano; John Cheetham, Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano; Libby Larsen, Holy Roller; William Grant Still, Romance; Leonard Mark Lewis, As in Stained Light; Jay Vosk, Thaw; Walter Hartley, Sonata for Baritone Saxophone and Piano.  UPC 009414765727   BUY NOW

     Kenneth Tse was formerly Instructor at Indiana University and professor at University of Missouri.  He is presently at the University of Iowa. About his first CD on Crystal, CD656, American Record Guide wrote "Kenneth Tse plays the saxophone with seductive tonal beauty.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Canfield Sonata:  Mvt 1(Grazioso)  Mvt 2(Molto vivo)  Mvt 3(Ad libitum)  Mvt 4(Moto perpetuo)     Cheetham Sonata:  Mvt 1(Giocoso)  Mvt 2(Lento)  Mvt 3(Con moto)     Larsen: Holy Roller     Still: Romance   Lewis: As In Stained Light   Vosk: Thaw     Hartley Sonata:  Mvt 1(Andante)  Mvt 2(Adagio)  Mvt 3(Allegro)

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Description automatically generatedCD658: LYRIC SOPRANO.  Kenneth Tse, Soprano Saxophone. Alan Huckleberry, piano.   Antonino Pasculli: Le Api; Gabriel Faure: Trois Romances sans Paroles; Jerme Naulais: Sax de Voyage; Isaac Albeniz: Tango Op. 165, No. 2; Denis Bedard: Fantaisie; John C. Worley: Six Dances; Astor Piazzolla: L'Histoire du Tango; Leonard Mark Lewis: Prelude (for Kenneth Tse).  UPC 009414765826   BUY NOW   

Kenneth Tse is currently the professor of saxophone at the University of Iowa.
"Tse is the caliber of instrumentalist whose very sound is captivating." Fanfare  "Tse gives a bravado, fleet-fingered performance... seduces enchantingly... is utterly beguiling... a richly enjoyable recital" International Record Review 

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Pasculli: Le Api    Faure Trois Romances Mvmt 1  Mvmt 2  Mvmt 3     Naulais: Sax de Voyage    Albeniz: Tango     Bedard: Fantaisie     Worley: Six Dances  Prelude   Allemande   Sarabande   Gavotte   Courante   Gigue     Piazzolla: L'Histoire du Tango  Bordel   Cafe   Night-club   Concert d'aujourd'hui     Lewis: Prelude



Description automatically generatedCD780: SAXOPHONE PICTURES, Kenneth Tse, Saxophone.  Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition (arranged by David DeBoor Canfield); Kenneth Tse, Soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones (one player, no overdubs); Alan Huckleberry, piano.
David DeBoor Canfield: Trio after Brahms in G minor; Kenneth Tse, alto saxophone; Rachel Patrick, violin; Lin-Yu Wang, piano.
Erwin Dressel: Partita for Alto Saxophone and Piano;
Kenneth Tse, alto saxophone; Lin-Yu Wang, piano.
UPC 009414778024.  BUY NOW    

“creamy sound and infallible technique…astonishing performance…his virtuosity holds us in awe.”  International Record Review

Kenneth Tse, widely recognized as one of the leading classical saxophonists in the world, burst on the scene in 1996 as the winner of the prestigious New York Artists International Award, which resulted in an acclaimed debut recital at Carnegie Hall and being acclaimed as ҡ young virtuosoӠby the New York Times. Tse has been an active recording artist since his first CD for Crystal Records at age 23. He has also been a frequent soloist on five continents. There are now a total of six Crystal CDs as well as eight others on other labels. Tse is currently Professor of Saxophone at the University of Iowa, President-Elect of the North American Saxophone Alliance, and is serving his second term as Vice-President of the International Saxophone Committee. When Kenneth Tse, alternating between the four saxophones, gave the world premiere performance of this arrangement of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition at the 2012 World Saxophone Congress in St. Andrews, Scotland, he and the piece received rave notice.

CD780 Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown.(to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Canfield  Trio after Brahms in G Minor:  Adagio con poco moto-Allegro risoluto   Adagio   Molto vivo   Presto possibile    Dressel  Partita: Prlude – Allemande   Canzone   Courante   Pavane   Gigue    Mussorgsky  Pictures at an Exhibition:  Promenade  Gnomus   Promenade II   Il Vecchio Castello   Promenade III   Tuilleries   Promenade IV   Bydło  
Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle   Promenade V   Limoges   Catacombae (Sepulcrum Romanum)   Con mortuis in lingua mortua   The Hut on Fowl's Legs (Baba-Yaga)   The Great Gate of Kiev


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Description automatically generatedCD781 — KENNETH TSE, Saxophone, with the MI-BMOL Saxophone Ensemble. UPC 009414778123.   BUY NOW    

Jules Demersseman, Carnival of Venice; Henri Tomasi, Ballade; Richard Dudas, Fantasia on Lyun Joon Kimճ Elegy; Luis Alarcn, Concertango, 3rd mvt: fugue; Alain Crpin, Saxflight; Grigorij Markovich, Concerto Capriccio on Themes of Paganini; Darius Milhaud, Scaramouche; Giacomo Puccini, Nessun Dorma from Turandot.

A truly unusual and exciting album. The sounds of all the saxophones is almost unbelievable in its beauty. At times it is like listening to one of the best large symphony orchestras. “This release is, in a word, stunning. [This is] a program of winners, with broad appeal. It doesn’t get much better than this: fun music, and a stellar ensemble and soloist” (Fanfare Magazine),

            Kenneth Tse, with 7 solo CDs on Crystal, is one of the worldճ leading classical saxophonists. Born in Hong Kong, he won the New York Artists International Award in 1996 and performed an acclaimed debut recital at Carnegie Hall, after which he was hailed as “a young virtuoso”. He since has been a frequent soloist on five continents. His CDs have been uniformly acclaimed by critics: “elegant tone...sheer virtuosity” (American Record Guide). “Phenomenal saxophonist with incredible technical skills and interpretive skills. His tone is absolutely lovely.” (Saxophone Journal). “ҏne of the world’s very finest saxophonists...astounding technical skill...virtuosity and golden tone.” (Fanfare) He currently teaches at the University of Iowa.

            The Mi-Bémol Saxophone Ensemble, founded in 1989 in Japan, has established itself as probably the worldճ premiere professional saxophone ensemble. Under the direction of Masahiro Maeda, the group has more than 20 saxophones, including alto, tenor, baritone, bass saxophone, and tubax. With its truly amazing sound, the ensemble performs regularly in Europe, Asia, and North America, including Carnegie Hall.Mi-Bémol has become well-known for its extraordinary musicianship and the distinctively rich, articulate orchestral sound it produces.” (Fanfare),

The Mi-Bémol Ensemble boasts such exceptional balance, blend, and intonation that the group may be mistaken for a full concert band.”  (American Record Guide)

CD781 Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown. (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Demersseman   Carnival of Venice    Tomasi   Ballade    Dudas   Fantasia on Lyun Joon Kimճ Elegy    Alarcn  
Concertango,3rd mvt: Fugue    Crpin   Saxflight    Kalinkovich   Concerto Capriccio on Themes of Paganini    Milhaud  Scaramouche   Vif   Modr   Brazileira    Puccini   Nessun Dorma from Turandot


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Description automatically generatedCD782: The Voxman Project. Featuring Kenneth Tse, Saxophone, and faculty and staff from the Voxman School of Music, University of Iowa, conducted by Richard Mark Heidel.  UPC 009414778222   BUY NOW

Kirk O’Riordan, Ductus Figuratus, Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Chamber Ensemble; Darius Milhaud, La Création du Monde; Kurt Weill, Little Threepenny Music

Recorded in the Voxman Music Building (cover picture), University of Iowa. The impressive Voxman Bldg. houses equally impressive music faculty, staff, and students. This CD features the playing of these fine musicians.

“beautifully programmed hour of music for mixed ensemble …O’Riordan writes with both fluidity and intelligence…Darius Milhaud’s riotous La création du monde is a glorious celebration of polytonality as a means of representing primordial chaos…[in the Weill], what character there is to “Mack the Knife,” while the “Tango-Ballad,” with its evocative sax solos, is a triumph. This is stimulating repertoire, superbly performed and well recorded. Another gem for Crystal Records’ catalog.”  Fanfare (Colin Clarke, Sept/Oct 2021)


O’Riordan’s Saxophone Concerto has “a lot of clever and effective writing, and Tse is a splendidly fluent and masterful advocate for this new concerto…[The Weill] is a most credible performance which stands comparison with the best in the field.”  MusicWeb (Marc Rochester, July 2021)

“The Voxman Ensemble gives robust performances…The Milhaud and Weill are solid, and all the lyrical passages are especially heartfelt. Tse is excellent all through, easily handling all the challenges of the O’Riordan and delivering elegant and expressive phrasing in the Milhaud and Weill.” American Record Guide (Hanudel, Sept/Oct 2021)

CD782 Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown. (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
O’Riordan Ductus figuratas, Concerto for Alto Saxophone  Mvt. 1 Cadens   Mvt. 2 Abeo   Mvt. 3 Tripudio   Mvt. 4 Demum     Milhaud La Création du Monde  Mvt. 1 Overture   Mvt. 2 Chaos Before Creation   Mvt. 3 Birth of Flora and Fauna   Mvt. 4 Birth of Man and Woman   Mvt. 5 Dance of Desire   Mvt. 6 Spring or Appeasement     Weill Little Threepenny Music  Mvt. 1 Overture   Mvt. 2 Mack the Knife   Mvt. 3 The Instead-of Song   Mvt. 4 Ballad of the Easy Life   Mvt. 5 Polly’s Song   Mvt. 6 Tango-Ballad   Mvt. 7 Cannon Song   Mvt. 8 Threepenny Finale


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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceCD783: COALESCENCE. Kenneth Tse, Saxophone. Casey Dierlam Tse,  Piano. UPC 009414778321   BUY NOW


Piet Swerts, Paganini Capriccio; Leo Ornstein, Ballade; Jean-Denis Michat, Back to Bach; Roger Boutry, Divertimento; Luis Serrano Alarcón, Tres Preludios Mestizos; Alfred Desenclos, Prelude, Cadence et Finale; Claude Pascal, Sonatine; Paule Maurice, Tableaux de Provence.


Kenneth Tse, widely recognized as one of the world’s leading classical saxophonists, won the prestigious New York Artists International Award in 1996, and then performed an acclaimed debut recital at Carnegie Hall. Since then, he has won multiple awards and has been a frequent soloist wth orchestras and in recitals in five continents. An active recording artist, Tse has 19 CDs, including nine highly acclaimed CDs on Crystal Records. An advocate for new music, Tse has had more than 30 works dedicated to him.

“Tse plays with seductive tonal beauty and sheer virtuosity” American Record Guide

“Tse has produced the most beautiful sound from a saxophone that I have ever heard…he is one of the most widely admired saxophonists on the planet…Kenneth Tse and Casey Dierlam Tse are two remarkable artists, who make music together as well as any instrumental duo I’ve heard on any instruments…Each work is a masterpiece in its own right, and to hear such fine works receive top-flight performances is a joy to experience. Anyone not yet a fan of the saxophone will surely be won over to the instrument by this latest release from Crystal, one of the top few saxophone recordings I’ve ever heard.” Fanfare (David DeBoor Canfield)


CD783 Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown. (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Swerts:  Paganini Capriccio     Ornstein:  Ballade     Jean-Denis Michat : Back to Bach  Allegro   Adagio dolcissimo      Boutry: Divertimento  I.Allegro ma non troppo   II.Andante   III.Presto     Serrano Alarcón:  Tres Preludios Mestizos  I.Con veemenza   II.Con moto   III.:Vitale     Descenclos:  Prélude   Cadence   Finale     Pascal:  Sonatine     Maurice:  Tableaux de Provence  I.Farandoulo di chatouno   II.Cansoun per ma mio   III.La boumiano   IV.Dis alyscamps l’amo souspire   V.Lou cabridan



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