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CD241: THE NFB HORN QUARTET.  David Kappy, Jay Wadenpfuhl, Ricardo Almeida, Bill Hoyt. Paul Hindemith: Sonata for Four Horns;  Jacques-Francois Gallay: Grand Quartet, op. 26;  Jay Wadenpfuhl: Tectonica for Eight Horns.

"...splendid group...a gorgeous disc; real music where one expects mere dazzle" Fanfare UPC 009414724120 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Gallay Grand Quartet:
  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Andante)  Mvt 3(Scherzo)   Mvt 4(Vivace)    Hindemith Sonata:  Mvt 1(Fugato)  Mvt 2(Lebhaft)  Mvt 3(Variations)    Wadenpfuhl:  Tectonica


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Description automatically generatedCD372: CHRISTOPHER LEUBA, HORN. Kevin Aanerud, Piano.  Sonatas for Horn and Piano by Paul Tufts, John Verrall, and Halsey Stevens. UPC 009414737229  BUY NOW

Christopher Leuba was principal horn with the Chicago Symphony, Minneapolis Symphony, and Portland Opera. For many years he was on the faculty of the University of Washington and played with the Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet. He was principal horn for several seasons at the Aspen Music Festival, and played frequently with the Philharmonica Hungarica.

   The works on this CD were all written for Leuba and have established themselves prominently in horn recital literature.


“Christopher Leuba is something of a legend among horn players. His illustrious career has included the position of principal horn in the Minneapolis Symphony (1954-1960 and 1963-1967) and the Chicago Symphony (1960-1962) and he played first horn on many of the Haydn symphonies in the complete set conducted by Antal Dorati with the Philharmonica Hungarica. Fanfare (Robert Markow)

“Performances are top-notch. The works bubble with an appealing melodic facility.”  Los Angeles Times


“[This CD] is a must for devotees of virtuoso horn playing as well as fans of twentieth century American music.”  Music Web (March 2021, Kreindler)


CD372 Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown. (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Verrall Sonata:  Mvt. 1 Pastoral   Mvt. 2 Nocturne   Mvt. 3 Vivace     Stevens Sonata:  Mvt. 1 Allegro moderato   Mvt. 2 Poco adagio   Mvt. 3 Vivace     Tufts Sonata:  Mvt. 1 Allegro moderato   Mvt. 2  Adagio   Mvt. 3 Allegro


CD373: MUSIC FOR HORN AND PIANO. Doug Hill, horn; Karen Zaczek Hill, piano. Joseph Rheinberger: Sonata, opus 178; Richard Strauss: Andante; Ferdinand Ries: Sonata opus 34.

"Hill plays 3 lovely Romantic works with the finesse of a fine lieder singer." San Francisco Chronicle UPC 009414737328 BUY NOW     Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Rheinberger Sonata:
  Mvt 1(con moto)  Mvt 2(Adagio)  Mvt 3(Fuoco)    Strauss: Andante    Ries: Sonata  Mvt 1(Larghetto)  Mvt 2(Andante)  Mvt 3(Rondo: Allegro)

CD377: FRØYDIS REE WEKRE, HORN. Emmanuel Chabrier: Larghetto; Luigi Cherubini: Sonata No. 2; Robert Schumann: Adagio and Allegro; Henri Tomasi: Chant Corse and Danse Profane; Camille Saint-Saens: Morceau de Concert; Leone Sinigaglia: Lied and Humoreske; Cesar Cui: Perpetual Motion. With Zita Carno, piano.

Wekre was solo horn wth Oslo Philharmonic for 25 years. "Spectacular horn playing." Fanfare UPC 009414737724 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Chabrier:  Larghetto    Cherubini Sonata:  Mvt 1(Intro)  Mvt 2(Allegro)    Schumann Opus 70: Adagio  Allegro    Tomasi: Chant Corse  Danse Profane    Saint-Saens: Morceau de Concert   Sinigaglia: Lied and Humoresque    Cui: Perpetual Motion

CD396: GRAVITY IS LIGHT TODAY. Roger Bobo, Tuba and Bass Horn, with Frøydis Ree Wekre, Horn, Roger Kellaway, Piano, and Jazz Ensemble.  Roger Kellaway, The Morning Song, The Westwood Song, Sonoro, Dance of the Ocean Breeze; Fred Tackett, The Yellow Bird. with Fred Tackett, Guitar; Ralph Grierson, Piano; Skip Mosher, Bass; Ray Rich, Drums.

Bobo is "the Heifetz of the Tuba," says Stereo Review. He was for 25 years solo tuba with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. This recording shows what jazz tuba can do.   UPC  009414739629 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Morning Song    Westwood Song    Yellow Bird    Sonoro    Dance of the Ocean Breeze

CD510: PREMIERES OF OLD AND NEW. Max Bruch: Kol Nidrei, op. 47 (trans. horn & orch); Karl Matys: Concertstucke for Horn & Orchestra, op. 24, no. 2; Allessandro Stradella: Aria (Horn, Orch.); Johann  Reichardt: Das Bild der Rose; Richard Diciedue: Concerto in F for Horn & Orchestra; Peter Tchaikovsky: Autumn Song, op. 37A; C.D. Lorenz:  Abendgesang; Alexander Glazunov: Chant du Menestral, op. 71. Meir Rimon, horn; members Israel Philharmonic, David Amos, conductor. UPC 009414751027 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Bruch: Kol Nidrei    Matys Concertstucke, op. 24, no. 2:  Mvt. 1(Allegro\Andante)  Mvt 2(Allegro)    Stradella: Aria    Reichardt: Das Bild der Rose    Diciedue: Concerto in F  Allegro/Doloroso  Rondo  Tchaikovsky: Autumn Song    Lorenz: Abendgesang    Glazunov: Chant du Menestral

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Description automatically generatedCD512: TREASURES FOR HORN & TRUMPET.  Gregory Hustis, Horn;  Richard Giangiulio, Trumpet; Eric Barr, Oboe; Dallas Chamber Orchestra. Leopold Mozart: Concerto in D for Horn & Orchestra; Johann Hertel: Concerto a 6 for Trumpet, Oboe, Strings, & Continuo; Saint-Saens: Romances for Horn, op. 36 & 67; John Eccles: Symphony for Mercury; Beethoven: Sextet for Two Horns and Strings; Grimm-Freres: Two Waltzes and a March.

"...right, stylish performances..." Los Angeles Times UPC 009414751225 BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Leopold Mozart, Concerto in D:  Mvt 1 (Allegro moderato)  Mvt 2 (Menuet)  Mvt 3 (Andante)
   Mvt 4 (Allegro)    Hertel, Concerto a 6: Mvt 1 (Allegro)  Mvt 2 (Arioso)  Mvt 3 (Allegro)    Saint-Saens: Romance, op. 36   Romance, op. 37    Eccles: Symphony for Mercury  Majestic  Allegro  Slow  Brisk    Beethoven: Sextet for Two Horns  Allegro con brio  Adagio  Rondo Allegro   Grimm-Freres:  Waltz 1  Waltz 2  March

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Description automatically generatedCD513: DANCES, MOODS, AND ROMANCES.  Meir Rimon, Horn.  Israel Philharmonic, David Amos, conductor. Saint-Saens: Romance; Glazunov: Serenade No. 2; Scriabin: Romance; Graziani: Variations on a Theme of Haydn; Laszlo Rooth: Variations on a Sephardic-Jewish Romance, and Quiet Monday; Eddie Halpern: The Nigun of Rabbi Ytzhak; Zorman: Moods; Sinigaglia: Romanza; Zorman: Memories of an Old Yemenite Tune; Kogan: Hassidic Rhapsody and Tfila.

"...a highly successful disc..." Fanfare
UPC 009414751324 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Saint-Saens: Romance    Glazunov: Serenade    Scriabin: Romance    Kogan: Hassidic Rhapsody    Tfila    Rooth: Variations    Quiet Monday    Halpern: Rabbi Ytzhak    Graziani: Variations    Zorman: Moods    Memories    Sinigaglia: Romanza

CD515: MOZART, FOUR HORN CONCERTOS.  John Cerminaro, Horn; Gerard Schwarz conducting the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.
UPC 009414751522 BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

“Hallmarks of this recording are refinement, nuance, and Cerminaro’s very dark tone quality.” American Record Guide

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Concerto No. 4 in E flat major – Mvt 1 (Allegro moderato)  Mvt 2 (Romanza, Andante)  Mvt 3 (Rondo, Allegro vivace)   Concerto No. 3 in E flat:  Mvt 1 (Allegro)  Mvt 2 (Romance, Larghetto)  Mvt 3 (Allegro)   Concerto.No 2 in E flat: Mvt 1 (Allegro maestoso)  Mvt 2 (Andante)  Mvt 3 (Rondo)   Concerto No. 1 in D major  Mvt 1 (Allegro)  Mvt 2 (Andante)  Mvt 3 (Rondo, Allegro)

CD646: MOZART SERENADE NO. 10 IN Bb, K. 361 for 12 Winds and Double Bass. Toronto Chamber Winds, Winston Webber, Conductor.  UPC 00941476462.   BUY NOW

Mozart's Serenade No. 10 in Bb, K.361, for 12 Winds and Double Bass, is a masterpiece in every respect. It is one of his longest instrumental works  and is a musical blockbuster. It is written for 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 basset horns, 2 bassoons, 4 horns, and double bass. The Toronto Chamber winds include members of the Toronto Symphony, the Canadian Ballet Orchestra, and the Hamilton Philharmonic. Oboes: Harry Sargous, David Sussman; Clarinets: James Campbell, Gwillym Williams; Basset Horns: David Bourque, Daniel Leeson; Bassoons: Christopher Weait, Mitchell Clarke; Horns: R. Scott Wilson, Miles Hearn, Wayne Jeffrey, Gary Pattison; Double Bass: Peter Madgett.

         Serenade K. 361, Over 49 minutes, consists of seven movements of extraordinary contrast, requiring unusual instrumental resources whose characteristic colors were exploited as never before and rarely since. This performance by the Toronto Chamber Winds is one of the only recorded performances that adheres to the original Mozart manuscript. There are many differences between this and the corrupted versions that are usually heard and have been recorded previously.

This recording was originally on Crystal LP S646, released 1982, and was the first recording of the work under the guidance of Daniel Leeson, who was one of the editors of the Serenade for the Bärenreiter publication of the complete edition of Mozart’s music. The performance is embellished in a style appropriate to the time of composition.

“This recording represents the best in North American wind performance.”  The Horn Call (Chris Leuba)

“The performing on this recording is exquisite. Lyrical, sonorous, perfectly balanced, the musicians are all to be lauded for this hallmark achievement. For an exemplary recording of the Gran Partita, one need look no further.”  The Horn Call (Lydia Van Dreel)

“The Toronto Chamber Winds are more than worthy for serious consideration…a fine performance.” Fanfare (Jerry Dubins)

“interpretation by the Toronto Chamber Winds of this masterpiece is exemplary…lively, refined, and spiritual…remarkable virtuosity and an irreproachable musicality.” Sonances (Jacques Boulay)

“Masterfully performed… lush performance and a master-class in knowing when to lead and when to get out of the way. This is a worthy addition to every band director's collection and teachers should make a point of sharing this with their double reed, clarinet, and horn players.” Instrumentalist (April 2020)


CD646 Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown. (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Serenade in Bb, K. 361 (370a)   I. Largo; Allegro molto   II. Menuetto;Trio 1,Trio 2   III. Adagio_sample.mp3   IV. Menuetto; Trio 1, Trio 2   V. Romanze   VI. Thema_mit_Variationen   VII. Finale:Rondo Allegro molto


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Description automatically generatedCD670: THE MODERN HORN.  Douglas Hill, Horn. Hindemith: Sonata for Horn and Piano in Eb; Iain Hamilton: Sonata Notturna; Vincent Persichetti: Parable for Solo Horn; Thea Musgrave: Music for Horn and Piano; Douglas Hill: Character Pieces for Solo Horn, "Laid Back" from Jazz Soliloquies for Horn and Abstractions for Solo and Eight Horns.
            Douglas Hill is Professor of Horn at the University of Wisconsin Madison.
Formerly he was solo horn with the Rochester Philharmonic, New York City Ballet, Aspen Festival Orchestra, and presently with the Madison Symphony. UPC 009414767028 BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Hindemith Sonata: Mvt 1(Ruhig Bewegt)  Mvt 2(Lebhaft)  Mvt 3(Sehr Langsam)  Mvt 4(Lebhaft)    Hamilton Sonata: Mvt 1(Lento)  Mvt 2(Largo-Lento)  Mvt 3(Scherzando-Lento)    Persichetti: Parable    Hill: Music    Character Pieces: Whimsical  Restless  Quarrelsome  Foolish      Abstraction    Jazz Soliloquies: Laid Back

CD675:  HUNTSMAN, WHAT QUARRY?  Songs for Soprano, Horn, & Piano. Schubert: Auf dem Strom; Berlioz: Le jeune Patre breton; Richard Strauss: Alphorn; W.F. Bach: Aria; Nicolai: Variazioni Concertante; songs by Vincenz, Ignaz, & Franz Lachner; Simon Sargon: Huntsman What Quarry and The Buck in the Snow. Gregory Hustis, horn; Nancy Keith, soprano; Simon Sargon, piano. "...utterly gorgeous; performers are outstanding..." American Record Guide UPC 009414767523 BUY NOW     Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Schubert: Auf dem Strom    Berlioz:
  Le jeune    V. Lachner: Waldhornruf    I Lachner: Der Ungenannten    F. Lachner: Herbst    W.F. Bach: Aria    Strauss: Alphorn    Nicolai: Variations    Sargon: Huntsman, what quarry?    The Buck in the Snow

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Description automatically generatedCD676:  JOHN CERMINARO, HORN.  Beethoven, Hindemith, & Bernhard Heiden Horn Sonatas. Also Bozza: En Fôret; F Strauss: Nocturno; Glazunov: Reverie; Faure: Apres un Reve; Gliere: Intermezzo; Schmid: Im Tiefsten Walde. Cerminaro has been principal horn with both New York Philharmonic & Los Angeles Philharmonic. With Zita Carno, piano.

"Cerminaro was the best solo horn the New York Philharmonic has had since World War II. These are good performances." American Record Guide UPC 009414767622 BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Bozza: En Foret    Strauss: Nocturno    Beethoven Sonata in F: Mvt. 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Adagio)  Mvt 3(Allegro)    Glaznuov: Reverie    Faure: Apres un Reve    Gliere: Intermezzo    Schmid: ImTiefsten Walde    

CD677: MUSIC OF THE EARLY 19TH CENTURY.  Kristin Thelander, natural horn; Carol lei Post, fortepiano. Beethoven: Sonata in F Major, op. 17; Friedrich Kuhlau: Andante and Polacca; Carl Oestreich: Andante; Nikolaus von Krufft: Sonata in E Major; Louis-Francois Dauprat: Sonata in F Major, op. 2. Thelander, a master of the hand-held valveless horn, plays these works in their original versions. "...a delight for the listener; virtuoso brilliance; musical discoveries" Fanfare UPC 009414767721BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Beethoven Sonata: Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Adagio)  Mvt 3(Rondo)    Kuhlau: Andante and Polacca    Oestreich: Andante    von Krufft: Sonata  Mvt 1(Allegro Moderato)  Mvt 2(Andante Espressivo)  Mvt 3(Rondo Alla Polacca)    Dauprat: Sonata  Mvt 1(Allegro Moderato)  Mvt 2(Affectuoso)  Mvt 3(Rondo)

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Description automatically generatedCD678: SONGS OF THE WOLF. Frøydis Wekre, Horn. Trygve Madsen: Sonata op. 24 (horn & piano) and The Dream of the Rhinoceros; Sigurd Berge: Hornlokk; Andrea Clearfield: Songs of the Wolf; Stanley Friedman: Topanga Variations; Wolfgang Plagge: Sonata #3 op. 88. with pianists Jens Harald Bratlie, Andrea Clearfield, Wolfgang Plagge.

One of the best-known horn recitalists in the world, formerly solo horn with Norway Symphony.
UPC 009414767820 BUY NOW

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Madsen Sonata: Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Menuetto)  Mvt 3(Moderato)    Berge: Hornlokk    Clearfield: Songs of the Wolf  Wolf Night  LaLoba    Friedman: Topanga Variations  Var. 1  Var. 2  Var. 3  Var. 4    Plagge: Sonata  Mvt 1(Tranquillo)  Mvt 2(Siciliano)  Mvt 3(Determinato)    Madsen: Dream of the Rhinoceros

CD679: SCREAMERS,  Difficult Works for Horn. John Cerminaro and Charlotte Cerminaro, horn. Robert Schumann: Adagio and Allegro; Joseph Haydn: Divertimento a Tre; William Kraft: Evening Voluntaries; Rand Steiger: A New-Slain Knight; Henri Lazarof: Intrada for solo horn. With Zita Carno, piano; The California EAR Unit (Stephen Mosko, conductor); Maria Larionoff, violin; Toby Saks, cello.
UPC 009414767929 BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

“This disc leaves no doubt John Cerminaro is one of the great horn players of our time.”  Fanfare

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear approximately one minute of the movement shown.
Schumann: Adagio and Allegro    Kraft: Evening Voluntaries    Haydn: Divertimento    Steiger: A New-Slain Knight  Intro/1st Mvt  Mvt 2  Mvt 3    Lazarof: Intrada

CD770: LYRICAL GEMS FOR THE HORN. Gregory Hustis, Horn; Steven Harlos, Piano.  Faure: Nell, Les Berceaux, Ici-bas, Au bord de L'eau, Apres un Reve; Krufft: Sonata in F; Scriabin: Romance; Nelhybel: Scherzo Concertante; Reinecke: Notturno; Francaix: Canon in Octave; Vinter: Hunter’s Moon; Gliere: Nocturne, Romance, Intermezzo, Valse Triste; Bozza: En Foret; Marais: Le Basque.
Gregory Hustis was principal horn with the Dallas Symphony for over 30 years since 1976, and is featured as recitalist, chamber music player, and clinician at many festivals, including Sarasota, Mainly Mozart, and Music in the Mountains in Durango, Colorado, where he is artistic advisor. This CD contains some of the most beautiful short pieces ever written for horn.

UPC 009414777027 BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

“This is one of the finest recitals I have ever heard…a program of surprisingly high quality. [Hustis] performs with both technical mastery and superb interpretive insights…The disc’s title, Lyrical Gems, fairly describes the majority of the pieces here.” (McColley, Fanfare)

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer)Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Faure: Nell   Les Berceaux   Ici-bas   Au bord de l'eau   Apres un Reve    Von Kruff Sonata:  Mvt 1(Allegro)
  Mvt 2(Andante)  Mvt 3(Rondo)    Scriabin: Romance    Nelhybel- Scherzo Concertante    Reinecke:  Notturno    Francaix:  Canon in Octave    Vinter: Hunter's Moon    Gliere:  Nocturne   Romance   Intermezzo   Valse Triste    Bozza: En Foret    Marais:  Le Basque

CD771: HORN IN TRIOS. Brahms: Trio op. 40, for Violin, Horn, and Piano; Reinecke: Trio, op. 274, for Clarinet, Horn, and Piano; Duvernoy: Trio No. 1, for Clarinet, Horn, and Piano. Jose Zarzo, horn; Victor Parra, violin; Radovan Cavallin, clarinet; Juan Francisco Parra, piano. All are members of Ensemble Isola, made up of principals of the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, which has established a reputation of being Spain’s premier symphony orchestra. UPC 009414777126
 BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer)Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Brahms Trio:  Mvt 1(Andante)  Mvt 2(Scherzo)  Mvt 3(Adagio)  Mvt 4(Finale)    Reinecke Trio:  Mvt 1(Allegro)  Mvt 2(Ein Marchen)  Mvt 3 (Scherzo)  Mvt 4(Finale)    Duvernoy Trio:  Mvt 1(Adagio)  Mvt 2(Allegretto)

CD772: ISOLA ROMANTICA. Carl Czerny: Grande Serenade Concertante for Clarinet, Horn, Cello, and Piano; Gustav Jenner: Trio for Clarinet, Horn, and Piano; Frederic Duvernoy: Sonata No. 1 and 2 for Horn and Cello. All played by Ensemble Isola.
Ensemble Isola members are all principals in the Gran Canaria Philharmonic in Spain, and they are fabulous.
  This is the group's second CD on Crystal. The first featured horn virtuoso Jose Zarzo, who is also on this one. “All of the repertoire on 'Isola Romåntica' receives elegant shaping and keen motivation in the hands of Ensemble Isola…The artistry is virtuosic, as well as sensitive to the needs of chamber-music give-and-take.” Rosenberg, Gramophone. “Mr. Zarzo has a wonderful command of the instrument and gives us a solid performance in all the works. He blends well with all of these other tenor-voiced instruments with a warm tone and impeccable intonation. His articulation and phrasing are superb.” The Horn Call UPC 009414777225  BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Czerny: Grande Serenade  Mvt 1 (Introduction: Adagio) Mvt 2 (Theme)  Variation 1  Variation 2  Variation 3  Variation 4  Variation 5  Variation 6  Variation 7  Mvt 3 (Adagio)  Mvt 4 (Allegro vivace con fuoco)    Jenner: Trio in Eb Mvt 1 (Moderato)  Mvt 2 (Adagio)  Mvt 3 (Presto)  Mvt 4 (Allegro non troppo)    Duvernoy: Sonata No. 1 Mvt 1 (Allegro)  Mvt 2 (Adagio)  Mvt 3 (Allegretto)    Duvernoy: Sonata No. 2 Mvt 1 (Allegro)  Mvt 2 (Adagio)  Mvt 3 (Allegro)

CD773: GREGORY HUSTIS, HORN. With the Dallas Philharmonia, Paul Clifford Phillips, Conductor. Eric Ewazen: Concerto for Horn and String Orchestra; James Beckel: The Glass Bead Game; Simon Sargon: Questings. UPC 009414777324  BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.
Gregory Hustis principal horn with the Dallas Symphony for over 30 years.
He also has been featured guest artist with many other orchestras and music festivals, and is the artistic director of the Music in the Mountains festival in Durango, Colorado. One of his previous CDs was called “Horn afficionados will want to hear the repertoire and Hustis’ commanding playing.”  Gramophone.

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Ewazen: Concerto  Mvmt 1  Mvmt 2  Mvmt 3    Beckel: The Glass Bead Game:  The Call and Awakening   Father Jacobus   Magister Ludi Coronation and Death    Sargon: Concerto:  Concertato   Pastorale   Burlesque/Finale



CD774: TEXAS HORNS.  Combined horn sections of Dallas and Houston Symphonies. 12 of the finest horn players in the world recording works composed or transcribed specifically for them. Principals are renowned hornists Gregory Hustis and William VerMeulen.
James Beckel: Portraits of the American West; Kerry Turner: Bronze Triptych; John Williams: Hooked on Williams (arr. Anthony Di Lorenzo); Samuel Barber: Adagio (arr. Roger Kaza); Thad Jones: A Child is Born (arr. Dick Meyer); Furber: Limehouse Blues (arr. Dick Meyer); Tommy Wolf: Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (arr. Dick Meyer); Sterling Procter: Amazing Grace.
  UPC 009414777423    
BUY NOW    Click here for CD cover photo and details.

“Spectacular 12-horn ensemble strutting its stuff in music that is straight out of heartland America. The ensemble work is faultless. Intonation and articulation are splendid. The use of percussion is resourceful, transcending the plebian role of a mere rhythm section…The sound is up to Crystal’s usual high standards, resulting in a 65-minute trip through some quite user-friendly, and, from time to time, astonishing music.”  (Zagorski, Fanfare)

“first-rate professionals. The ensemble sounds terrific.” (Kilpatrick, American Record Guide)

Sound samples (uses RealPlayer) Click on the link to hear up to one minute of the movement shown.
Turner, Bronze Triptych:  Introduction    Mvt 1   Mvt 2    Mvt 3    Beckel: Portraits of the American West, Mvt 1   Mvt 2   Mvt 3   Williams/DiLorenzo: Hooked On Williams   Barber: Adagio   Jones/Meyer: A Child is Born   Braham/Furber: Limehouse Blues   Wolf: Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most   Procter: Amazing Grace


A close up of text on a white background

Description automatically generatedCD775: Tribute to John Cerminaro, Horn. UPC 009414777522.   BUY NOW       

RICHARD STRAUSS, Horn Concerto No. 1 (live performance Switzerland 2007, with the PaulTaylororCHestra, Paul Taylor, conductor) Francis Poulenc, Sonata for Trumpet, Horn, and Trombone (Thomas Stevens, trumpet; John Cerminaro, horn; Ralph Sauer, trombone); Poulenc, Elegie for Horn and Piano; Doppler, LOiseau des Bois for Flute and Horn Quartet (Nadine Asin, flute; horns: John Cerminaro, Frøydis Ree Wekre, Carol Bacon, Brian Drake); Saint-Saëns, Romance, Horn and Piano; Leonard Bernstein, Elegy for Mippy, Horn and Piano; Scriabin, Romance, Horn and Piano; Gliere, Nocturne for Horn and Piano. (Zita Carno, piano)


The Strauss Horn Concerto No. 1 was recorded live on a concert by the Swiss orchestra paultaylororCHestra in 2007. It is a phenomenal performance. In addition to this, the CD includes solo and chamber works played by John Cerminaro which were originally on LP but were not previously re-released on CD.

John Cerminaro was principal horn with the New York Philharmonic from 1969-1979, the Los Angeles Philharmonic from 1979-1986 , and the Seattle Symphony from 1996-2011. He was the founding principal horn of Live from Lincoln Center with the New York Philharmonic, and Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts at Avery Fisher Hall. He has been a faculty member of The Juilliard School, California Institute of the Arts, Le Domaine Forget International Music Festival and Academy, and for 35 seasons, the Aspen Music Festival and School. 

     Widely known for his diverse recording work, ranging from Mozart's Four Horn Concertos on Crystal Records CD515 to the theme music for The NBC Nightly News, Cerminaro's numerous symphonic recordings are only surpassed in popularity by his Hollywood movie scores & television music, as well as familiar horn logos heard in all major motion picture studio fanfares released since 1981.

Leonard Bernstein called Cerminaro "The greatest horn player in the world"The American Record Guide called Cerminaro "The best solo horn the New York Philharmonic has had since World War II."


“This is a truly outstanding performance. Cerminaro’s gloriously robust playing, his impeccable precision and clarity of articulation and his stupendously rich and varied tone...set this performance apart from many others and place it very near – if not at ­­– the top of my own personal recommended versions of this most entertaining of Strauss concertos.”  (Marc Rochester, Music Web)


“FIVE STARS. Any horn player will see this as a gift. The programing is exemplary, a selection of chamber pieces well known to each and every self-respecting player plus a gleaming performance of a repertoire staple…[In the Strauss Concerto] the agility of Cerminaro in the finale is a demonstration of perfect technique, each note perfectly placed…While horn players that can play brazenly and brashly are ten to a penny, those who can play with real sensitivity are few and far between. Cerminaro is one of those players who has it all.” (Colin Clarke, Fanfare)


“For younger players who may not know of Cerminaro’s legacy and flawless performances, this disc is a good initiation to his artistry. The tempi of the Strauss are brisk and are exquisitely performed. Cerminaro’s inimitable renditions are absolutely pristine. His singing tone and agile passages are hallmarks of his playing. Cerminaro’s tribute disc is highly recommended, especially to those younger players who may not be aware of his stunning musicianship.” (Eldon Matlick, The Horn Call)


CD775 Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown. (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Strauss: Concerto No. 1 in Eb   I. Allegro   II. Andante   III. Allegro     Poulenc: Elegie     Doppler: L’Oiseau des Bois     Saint Saens: Romance     Bernstein: Elegy for Mippy     Scriabin: Romance     Gliere: Nocturne     Poulenc: Sonata for Trumpet, Horn, and Trombone   I. Allegro moderato   II. Andante   III. Rondeau


See John Cerminaro for a listing of his other CDs.

The art work on the cover of CD775 is by John Cerminaro.



A person holding a french horn

Description automatically generatedCD776, JOSE ZARZO, HORN, with Juan Francisco Parra & Rudolf Koumans, piano, and Carlos Parra, violin. UPC 009414777621  BUY NOW  

Anthony Plog, Horn Sonata; Jose Brito, Namaste; Frederic Duvernoy, Trio no. 2: Horn, Violin, Piano; Franz Danzi, Horn Sonata, op.28; Rudolf Koumans, Horn Sonata.

Jose Zarzo studied at The Hague Royal Conservatory. In 1984 he was named principal horn with the Amsterdam Sinfornietta. He remained with this Orchestra until 1989, when he became principal horn with the Gran Canaria Phiharmonic Orchestra in Spain, a position he still holds. With this Orchestra he has toured to the main cities of Spain, Germany, France, Slovakia, Switerzerland, Austria, China, and Japan. This is his third solo CD on Crystal Records. Of his other CDs, Gramophone said Artistry is virtuosic”.  See CD771 and CD772 above.

“Jose Zarzo plays with admirable distinction throughout the recital. His tone is consistently attractive, compact, and evenly produced, regardless of dynamics. His impressive breath control lends itself to phrasing that encompasses an extended, flexible line. His passagework is precise, and keenly articulated.” Fanfare, Ken Meltzer

“Jose Zarzo performs beautifully. Congratulations, Mr. Zarzo, on another wonderful recording with Crystal Records.”  Horn Call Magazine, Lydia Van Dreel

CD776 Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown. (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Plog: Horn Sonata  Part 1/Mvt. 1   Part 1/Mvt. 2   Part 2/Mvt. 3   Part 2/Mvt. 4     Brito: Namaste     Duvernoy: Trio no. 2  Mvt. 1 Adagio-allegro   Mvt. 2 Moderato   Mvt. 3 Adagio   Mvt. 4 Allegro     Danzi: Horn Sonata, op. 28  Mvt. 1 Adagio-allegro   Mvt. 2 Larghetto   Mvt. 3 Allegretto     Koumans: Horn Sonata  Allegro


CD825 – SILVER and GOLD, Cynthia Koledo DeAlmeida, Oboe; Noah Bendix-Balgley, Violin; Meng Wang, Viola; William Caballero, Horn; David Premo, Cello; Marina Schmidt Lupinacci, Piano; Rodrigo Ojeda, Piano.
         Alexander Wunderer, Sonata in B minor for Oboe and Piano, op. 3; Carl Reinecke, Trio in A minor for Oboe, Horn, and Piano, op. 188; Malcolm Arnold, Quartet for Oboe, Violin, Viola, and Cello, op. 61; Michael Moricz, Three Consequences for Four Players (Oboe, Horn, Cello, Piano).
UPC 009414782526   BUY NOW    

Cynthia Koledo DeAlmeida has been principal oboe with the Pittsburgh Symphony since 1991. All the players on this CD are or were principals in the Pittsburgh Symphony. Noah Bendix-Balgley was recently appointed First Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic. DeAlmeida was called “hands down one of the best players in the world” in a review in the American Record Guide of her first Crystal solo CD.

CD825 Sound samples (mp3 files) Click on the link to hear up to 35 seconds of the movement shown. (to return to this page after listening to samples, please use your browser back button)
Wunderer:  Sonata in B minor   Mvmt I   Mvmt II   Mvmt III   Mvmt IV    Reinecke:  Trio in A minor   Mvmt I   Mvmt II   Mvmt III   Mvmt IV    Arnold: Quartet for Oboe, Violin, Viola, and Cello   Mvmt I   Mvmt II   Mvmt III    Moricz:  Three Consequences for Four Players  Mvmt I   Mvmt II   Mvmt III

A group of people posing for a picture

Description automatically generatedCD828: THREE RIVERS TRIOS.  Cynthia Koledo DeAlmeida, Oboe; William Caballero, Horn; Rodrigo Ojeda, Piano. UPC 009414782823.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), Trio for Oboe, Horn, and Piano; Robert Kahn (1865-1951), Serenade in F Minor, op. 73; Chris Massa (bn. 1981), Scenes from Lake Chautauqua; Eric Ewazen (bn. 1954), Three Rivers Trios; Heinrich Molbe (1825-1915) (Heinrich von Bach), Air Arabe.  BUY NOW

Cynthia Koledo DeAlmeida, William Caballero, and Rodrigo Ojeda are Principal Oboe, Horn, and Piano with the Pittsburgh Symphony,  positions they have held since 1991, 1989, and 2006, respectively. All have been featured frequently as soloists.


Gramophonemagazine wrote, “Pittsburgh’s first horn (William Caballero) is as spectacular as any on disc.”  


Fanfare Magazine has called Cynthia DeAlmeida “hands down, one of the best oboe players in the world”.


Three Rivers Trios: The title of this album and Eric Ewazen’s piece are a tribute to the city of Pittsburgh, where the Allegheny River and Monongahela River converge to form the Ohio River. The photograph on the cover is of the three soloists on Mt. Washington overlooking downtown Pittsburgh.


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