GENESIS RECORDS is an independent label exclusively distributed by Crystal Records. Genesis specializes in piano and lesser-known Romantic composers. Price on all Genesis CDs is $16.95 (GCD 113 and 116 are 2-CD sets at $33.90).

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All of our CDs are available for ordering on-line.  Click on BUY NOW to go to our secure shopping bag.  If you prefer, you may order via e-mail,, phone at 360-834-7022 or on our 24-hour fax line at 360-834-9680, or by mail  See information on our main page. Price of all CDs is $16.95 (GCD113 and GCD116 are two-CD sets at $33.90). U.S. shipping is FREE. Canada shipping US$7 per order. Other countries US$18 per order.

Our 4 for 3 offer is available on-line. When you order 4 CDs, what you need to do is place the order for the first 3 CDs using the Buy Now buttons. Before checking out you will be given an opportunity to write a comment to go with your order.  In the "leave a comment" space, write FREE CD with the catalog number of the one you want. In that way, you will receive the 4 CDs and only be charged for 3. 101: HENRY CHARLES LITOLFF. (Sorry, this is out of print)  Concerto Symphonique No. 4 in D Minor, op. 102.  Gerald Robbins, piano;  Monte Carlo Opera Orchestra, Edouard Van Remoortel, conductor. Trio in D Minor, op. 47. Mirecourt Trio.  UPC 009414810120 102: CARL REINECKE,  Piano Concerto No. 1 in F# minor, and Piano Concerto No. 2 in E minor, op. 120.  Gerald Robbins, piano;  Monte Carlo Opera Orchestra,  Edouard Van Remoortel, conductor. UPC 009414810229     BUY NOW
 103: ANTON RUBINSTEIN, Piano Concerto No. 5 in Eb, op. 94.  Adrian Ruiz, Piano; Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra, Zsolt Deaky, conductor.  UPC 009414810328   BUY NOW

 104: SERGE PROKOFIEV, (Sorry, this is out of print) Piano Concertos 2 and 3.  Jorge Bolet, Piano;  Nuremberg Symphony, Ainslee Cox, conductor.  UPC 009414810427

 HERMANN GOETZ, The Complete Orchestral Works. Symphony

 in F Major; Spring Overture; Overture to “The Taming of the Shrew”; Overture to “Francesca da Rimini”.  Monte-Carlo Opera Orchestra, Remoortel, cond.  UPC 009414810526    BUY NOW
 GIOVANNI SGAMBATI, Piano Concerto in G Minor, op. 15. Jorge Bolet, piano; Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra, Ainslee Cox, cond. JOSEPH RHEINBERGER, Piano Concerto in Ab, Op. 94. Adrian Ruiz, piano; Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra, Zsolt Deàky, conductor.  UPC  009414810625    BUY NOW
 HERMANN GOETZ, Lose Blätter, op.7; Sonatina in F, op. 8, no. 1;  Sonatina in Eb, op. 8, no. 2; Genrebilder, op.13.  Adrian Ruiz, piano.  UPC 009414810724    BUY NOW





GCD108: NORBERT BURGMÜLLER, Piano Sonata in F Minor; ROBERT VOLKMANN, Piano Sonata in C Minor, & Fantasy; THEODOR, Selected Piano Pieces. Adrian Ruiz, Piano. UPC 009414810823  BUY NOW




GCD109: FRANZ LISZT, Grosses Konzertsolo; LUDWIG BERGER, Grande Sonata in C Minor, op. 7; IGNAZ MOSC, Sonate Caractéristique in Bb, op.27. Frederick Marvin, Piano.  UPC 009414810922   BUY NOW

 ANTONIN DVORAK, Poetic Tone Pictures, op. 85. Gerald Robbins, Piano. UPC 009414811028    BUY NOW

 FRANZ BERWALD, Piano Concerto in D Major; Theme and Variations in G Minor; Rondeau-Bagatelle in Bb; Presto feroce; Duo in D Major for Violin and Piano.   With Greta Erikson, Piano; Josef Grünfarb, Violin; Swedish Radio Orchestra, Stig Westerberg, Conductor.  UPC 009414811127     BUY NOW EMIL VON SAUER, Piano Works.  Suite Moderne, Concert Etudes, Dialogo (Impromptu), Le Retour (Caprice), Barcarolle, Boite à Musique (Spieluhr).   Maria Eugenia Tapia, Piano.  UPC 009414811226  BUY NOW
 (two CD set): HERMANN GOETZ. Complete Chamber Music:  Piano Quartet in E Major, op. 6; Three Easy Pieces for Violin and Piano, op. 2; Piano Trio in G Minor, op. 1; Piano Quintet in C Minor, op 16.  Gerald Robbins, piano; Glenn Dicterow, violin; Alan de Veritch, viola; Terry King, cello; Dennis Trembly, bass. This is a 2-CD set, price $33.90.  UPC 009414811325    BUY NOW
 MENDELSSOHN, Variations sérieuses in D Minor, op. 54; & Variations in Eb, op. 82;  CARLOS CHAVEZ, Sonata for Piano; ALBERTO GINASTERA, 12 American Preludes; & Sonata para Piano. Adrian Ruiz, Piano.  UPC 009414811424     BUY NOW
 HALFDAN KJERULF, Piano Works: Wiegenlied, Menuett, Caprice, Impromptu, Albumblatt, Alegro, Springtanz, Sechs Skizzen, Scherzo.  EMIL SJOGREN,  Erotikon, op. 10: Five Pieces for Piano.  UPC 009414811523    BUY NOW 
 (two CD set): FERDINAND HILLER, Works for Piano Solo. Adrian Ruiz, Piano. The Three Piano Sonatas; Huit Mésures Variées; Variations; Capriccio; 2 Impromptus; 24 Etudes. 2-CDs, $33.90.  UPC 009414811622    BUY NOW Joachim Raff, Sonata in D Minor, op. 91; and Grande Sonate in Eb Minor, op. 14. Adrian Ruiz, Piano. Raff (1822-1882) was Liszt’s assistant for several years but was an accomplished composer in his own right.  UPC 009414811820     BUY NOW
 Julius Schulhoff, Bohemian Show Pieces. Adrian Ruiz, Piano. Sonata in F Minor, op. 37; and Caprice sur des Airs Bohémiens, op. 10; Six Etudes from op. 13; plus ten shorter works, all for solo piano. Schulhoff (1825-1898) specialized in short works.  The pieces on this CD became the rage in all the Parisian salons.  UPC 009414811929.      BUY NOW



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