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S101:    OUT OF PRINT  WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET.     Erwin Schulhoff: Divertissement;  Jacques Ibert: Trois Pieces Breves (mvt. 1);   J.S. Bach: Fugue;   Rossini: Quartet #1 (mvt. 1);   Paul deWailly: Aubade;   A. Barthe: Passacaille;   Malcolm Arnold: Divertimento (mvt. 1);   Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumble-Bee (arr. Atkins);   Leo Sowerby: Pop Goes the Weasel.  "delightful music, winningly played",   Instrumentalist Magazine
S102:    LOS ANGELES BRASS QUINTET.    Pezel:  Five Dances;   Paganini:  3 Caprices (arr. Gates);   Bartok:  Suite from “For Children" (arr. Anderson);   Alec Wilder:  Brass Quintet No. 1;   Hindemith:  Morgen¬musik.     "Excellent Ensemble...Consistently rich sound",     says the Los Angeles Times
S103:    LOS ANGELES STRING QUARTET.     Haydn:  Quartet in A, op.20, nr. 6;   Schubert:  Quartettsatz;   Wolf: Italian Serenade;   Stravinsky:  Three Pieces.     "Beautiful showpiece, recorded unusually well",     San Francisco Chronicle
S104:    OUT OF PRINT (see CD124)  PERCUSSION MUSIC BY WILLIAM  KRAFT.     Kraft's  Triangles,   Theme & Variations,  &   Momentum.     The New Records Magazine said "IMPRESSIVE  DISPLAY PIECE.  PERFORMANCES AND REPRODUCTION ARE ABSOLUTELY TOPS."
S105:   OUT OF PRINT  HARVEY PITTEL,  SOPRANO  &  ALTO  SAXOPHONE.     Loeillet:  Sonata, op. 4, nr. 11;   Robert Rodriguez:  Sonata;   Halsey Stevens:  Dittico;   Paule Maurice:  Tableaux de Provence.   with   Malcolm Hamilton, harpsichord;   Ralph Grierson, piano;   Robert Adcock, cello.   Pittel has been saxophonist with both the New York Philharmonic and Boston Symphonies and is now professor at the University of Texas at Austin.  His playing is "stimulating musically,  dazzling technically",   says the New York Times
S110:    LOS ANGELES BRASS SOCIETY,  with Ladd Thomas, organ; Dorothy Remsen, harp; Lester Remsen, conductor.  23 Brass & Percussion players.  Fisher Tull:  Liturgical Symphony;  Rayner Brown:  Five Pieces;   various fanfares.
S113:  OUT OF PRINT (see CD667)  THE CONTEMPORARY TRUMPET.    Thomas Stevens, principal trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic;   w/Ralph Grierson, piano;  Mitchell Peters, percussion.    Iain Hamilton: Five Scenes;   Frank Campo:  Times;   William Kraft:  Encounters III;   Robert Henderson:  Variation Movements.    "TRUMPET PLAYING SO BEAUTIFUL AND TECHNICALLY PROFICIENT THAT IT WILL ADD A NEW DIMENSION TO THE ART. "     The New Records
S131:    ROBERT SCHUMANN VIOLIN SONATAS in A minor & D minor.   Ronald Gorevic, violin, with Cary Lewis, piano.  "Communicative & bright recording",    Stereo Review
S133:    YIZHAK SCHOTTEN, VIOLA.   W.F. Bach: Sonata in c minor;  Paul Hindemith:  Sonata for Viola alone, op.25,no.1;  Michael Colgrass:  Variations for Four Drums & Viola.   with Carole Terry, harpsichord, & Frank B Epstein, percussion.   Schotten was solo viola with Houston Symphony; now prof. University of Michigan.  "Impressive.  Very attractive disc",       Fanfare
S134:    GRIEG: SONATA FOR CELLO & PIANO;  SCHUMANN; FANTASIESTUCKE.    Gilbert Reese, cello, w/Ralph Linsley, piano.  "VIGOROUS & IDIOMATIC",    High Fidelity
S136:   OUT OF PRINT  DANIEL GWIN, DOUBLE BASS. with Darlene Stewart, Piano.  Wilmos Montag, Sonate in e minor;  Janos Vannay, Six Hungarian Folk Songs;  James Greeson, Contra for Solo Double Bass;  Grant Fletcher, Zortzicos II for Double Bass and Piano.  Daniel Gwin is a member of the Utah Symphony.   "Recommended to all fans of the instrument"    Fanfare
S158:    JAMES DAWSON, SOPRANO SAXOPHONE.    w/Delme String Quartet; John Harle, bass clarinet;  Stephen Orton, cello;  John York, piano.    Warren Benson: Quintet;  Joseph C Schwantner: Entropy;  Walter S Hartley: Diversions;  Gregory Kosteck: Chromatic Fantasy;  Charles Dakin: Ragamalia;  Ronald L Caravan: Quiet Time.   "A VERY SUCCESSFUL ALBUM... UNUSUALLY RICH PORTION OF MUSICS"      Fanfare
S161:   OUT OF PRINT  DEBUSSY: 24 PRELUDES FOR PIANO, BOOK ONE.    Pierre Huybregts, piano.   "extremely profound musicality"      Wiener Kurier (Vienna)
S162:    DEBUSSY: 24 PRELUDES FOR PIANO, BOOK TWO.   Pierre Huybregts, piano.    "technical perfection"   Rheinische Post,  Dusselsdorf
S170:    DOROTHY REMSEN, HARP.    Samuel-Rousseau:  Variations;  Tournier: Les Enfants;  Grandjany: On an Old Christmas Song & Noel Provencal;  Raksin: The Psalmist;  Charpentier: La Boite a Musique;  Salzedo: O Tannenbaum;  Vaughan: Revery.   "Assured musicianship",     High Fidelity
S180:    ORGANIST ALEXANDER ANDERSON.   J.S. Bach:  Two Chorale Preludes;  Messiaen:  Desseins Eternels & Dieu Parmi Nous;  Orlando Gibbons: Fantazia of Foure Parts;  Iain Hamilton: Threnos, In Time of War;  Thomas Tomkins: A Short Verse.    Schlicker Organ,All Saints Church, Pasadena, Calif.   "MASTERFUL WAY WITH THE ORGAN, GOOD STEREO SHOW-OFF MATERIAL.  IF YOU DIG ORGAN, GRAB THIS - YOU'LL LOVE IT!"  Stereo Mag.
S181:   OUT OF PRINT  DAVID CRAIGHEAD, ORGAN.    "unquestionably one of the finest organists alive today",  American Organist Magazine.   William Albright:  The King of Instruments, A Parade of Music & Verse for Organ  & Narrator;   Vincent Persichetti: Sonata for Organ & Chorale Prelude, Drop, Drop Slow Tears.
S182:    WILLIAM   OSBORNE, ORGAN.    Petr Eben: Sunday Music;  Sigfrid Karg-Elert: Three Impressions, opus 72.   The Austin Organ, Swasey Chapel,  Denison University.  "Osborne’s credentials are impressive",  American Rcd Guide
S206:    ANNAPOLIS BRASS QUINTET,  "Quintessence".    W. Francis McBeth:  Four Frescoes for Five Brass;  Jindrich Feld: Quintette;  Walter Hartley: Orpheus;  Wilke Renwick: Dance.  also music by East, Speer, & J.S. Bach.
S207:    ANNAPOLIS BRASS QUINTET,  "Encounter".    Allen Molineux: Encounter;  Karl Pilss: Capriccio;  Peter Cabus: Variaties;  Alexander Tcherepnin: Brass Quintet;  Jiri Pauer: Charaktery;  Herman Stein: Mock March.   "The pinnacle of precision brass security & polish",  The New Records
S215:    OUT OF PRINT  SAINT LOUIS BRASS QUINTET.    Malcolm Arnold: Quintet;  Morgan Powell: Windows;  Thom Ritter George: Quintet #4;  John MacEnulty: Three Poems (based on E.E. Cummings), John MacEnulty, narrator.
S216:    I-5  BRASS QUINTET.    Merle Hogg: Seven for Four;  David Ward-Steinman: Brancusi’s Brass Beds;  Brent Dutton: Carnival of Venice.   Stellar ensemble is based at San Diego State University.    "A disc of real interest",   Fanfare
S219:    ANNAPOLIS BRASS QUINTET.    Robert Starer: Annapolis Suite;  Jerzy Sapieyevski: Aesop Suite (for narrator & brass quintet);  Elam Sprenkle: Three Fanfares & Six Songs for Mezzo-soprano & brass quintet (on text of Emily Dickinson).  Elaine Bonazzi, mezzo-soprano;  John McDonough, narrator.   "clarity... dazzlingly tight playing"   Fanfare   (also cassette C219)
S233:    RICHARD GIANGIULIO, trumpet;   GREGORY HUSTIS,  horn;   JOHN KITZMAN, trombone; with Simon Sargon, piano.   Stanley Friedman:  Fanfare 1985, and Laude;   Judith Olson:  Four Fables for Horn and Piano;   Robert Rodriguez:  My Lady Carey’s Dompe (trumpet, horn, & harpsichord/piano);   Robert Nagel:  Brass Trio No. 2.     (first-chair players in the  Dallas Symphony).
S250:    WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET.   August Klughardt: Quintet;  Luciano Berio:  Opus Number Zoo;  William Mathias: Quintet. "THE QUINTET PLAYING IS EXEMPLARY" Fanfare.   The Klughardt is "a small symphony for winds.   The musicians have worked together since 1959 and have attained an excellent unity of thought, interpretation, &  execution",    Sonances.  (also cassette C250)
S251:  OUT OF PRINT SONI VENTORUM WIND QUINTET. Franz Danzi, Quintets in F Major, op. 68, no. 2, and D Minor, op. 68, no. 3.
S252:  OUT OF PRINT  RICHARDS QUINTET.    Woodwind Quintet -in-residence at  Michigan State University.   Johann Peter Muller (1791-1877):  Quintets Nos. 1,2, & 3.  "Skilled instrumentalists",  New York Times
S253: OUT OF PRINT  Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet. Taffanel, Wind Quintet; Martinon, Domenon, op. 21; Arrieu, Quintet in C.
S254:    OUT OF PRINT  SONI VENTORUM.    Piet Ketting: Trio for flute, clarinet, bassoon;   Jean Francaix: Sept Impromptus for flute & bassoon;   Claude Arrieu:  Trio for oboe, clarinet, bassoon;   Robert Gerster:  Cantata for woodwind quartet.   "There is nothing in music quite as crisp & refreshing as the sounds of wind ensembles.  This brisk, invigorating set will clear your head, among other abiding pleasures."    Nat Hentoff, Cosmopolitan Magazine
S255:    CLAREMONT WIND QUINTET.    w/Steven Smith, piano.    Albert Roussel:  Divertissement;  Wallingford Riegger:  Blaserquintett;  Jean Francaix:  L’Heure du Berger;   John Beall:  Sextet.   Claremont is faculty Penn. State Un.
S257:    MUSIC FOR WOODWINDS, CHAMBER ENSEMBLE, & VOICE.       William O. Smith: Eternal Truths;  Diane Thome:  The Yew Tree;  Joseph Goodman: Four Songs.   w/Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet;  Montserrat Alavedra, soprano, etc.
S258:   OUT OF PRINT SONI VENTORUM WIND QUINTET.    Alvin Etler:  Quintet No. 2;  William Bergsma:  Changes for Seven;  Joseph Goodman:  Quartet;  Luigi Zaninelli:  Burla and Variations.    "impressive pieces.  the performances could not be better. "   Fanfare
S311: OUT OF PRINT  LOUISE DI TULLIO, FLUTE. Prokofiev, Soanta op. 94; Sancan, Soantine; Paganini, Theme & Variations.
S314: (see also CD314) LOVE LETTERS. David Shostac, Flute. Borne, Fantaisie Brillante; Boehm, Variations Brillantes; Dinicu, Hora Staccato; Martin Scot Kosins, Love Letters; Debussy, The Girl with the Flaxen Hair.
S315:    NINETEENTH CENTURY FLUTE MUSIC of Denmark & Germany.  Friedrich Kuhlau:  Sonata in C for Flute & Piano, op. 83;  Salomon Jadassohn:  Notturno, op. 133;   Niels Peter Jensen:  Sonata for Flute & Piano, op. 18.   Brooks de Wetter Smith, flute;  Stephan Seebass, piano.  "Smith shows a real mastery"  New York Times.
S316:  (see also CD316)  FLUTE AND KOTO MUSIC.   Beautiful Japanese music by Sawai, Yamamoto, Hirai, and Miyagi.   Kazue Kudo, Koto;  Frances Asawa, Flute.   "Recommended to those who wish some beguiling Oriental atmosphere",   Consumers” Research Mag.  (also CD316 & cassette C316)
S337:    DAVID HARMAN, CLARINET,   with John York, piano.   Donald Francis Tovey:  Sonata, op. 16;   Norbert Burgmuller:  Duo in Eb, op.15;   Darius Milhaud:  Duo Concertant, op.351.    "INSTINCTIVE MUSICIANSHIP",    N.Y. Times
S338:    OUT OF PRINT  JAMES  CAMPBELL, CLARINET,  with John York, piano.    Paul Hindemith:  Sonata for Clarinet & Piano;   Donato Lovreglio:  Fantasia on "La Traviata";   Gerald Finzi:  Five Bagatelles;   Leo Weiner:  Peregi Verbunk.   "Hindemith in as fine a performance as you’re ever likely to hear", Opus
S341: OUT OF PRINT  JOSEPH POLISI, BASSOON, with Ronald Roseman, Oboe; John Snow, English horn; and Thomas Schmidt, Piano. Villa-Lobos, Ciranda das Sete Notas; William Matthews, Sumer is Icumen in – Lhude Sing; Marcel Bitsch, Concertino; David Noon, Motets and Monodies.
S345:    ARTHUR WEISBERG,  BASSOON:   Unaccompanied works of J.S. Bach.    (all transcribed for bassoon)   Partita  for flute in A minor, BWV 1013;   Partita No. 2 for violin in D Minor, BWV 1004;   Suite No. 2 for violoncello in D Minor,  BWV 1008.   Weisberg is former bassoonist with Houston, Cleveland, Baltimore Symphonies; the Symphony of the Air, and the New York Woodwind Quintet.  He is founder of the Contemporary Chamber Ensemble of New York.    "Noble, elegant, suave",    American Record Guide   (also cassette C345)
S350:   OUT OF PRINT  Is This the Way to Carnegie Hall?   John Barcellona, flute;  Calvin Smith, horn;  with Jo Ann Turovsky, harp; Scott Shepherd, timpani;  Virginia Mitchell, harpsichord;  John Walz, cello.  J.S. Bach: Four Two-part Inventions;  Telemann: Concerto a Tre;  J.A.C. Redford: Five Songs for Flute & French Horn;  Jan Bach: Four 2-Bit Contraptions;  Georges Barboteu: Esquisse; Ellis Kohs: Night Watch.
S351:    OUT OF PRINT  WINDS FROM THE NORTHWEST:  Felix Skowronek, flute;  Arthur Grossman, bassoon.   Duos by Bozza, Goodman, Gabaye, W.O. Smith, Gerster, & Aitken.
S352:   OUT OF PRINT  CONCERTO FOR TRUMPET, BASSOON, & STRING ORCHESTRA by Hindemith.  also  WOLPE:  Piece for Solo Trumpet & Seven Instruments;  CHIHARA:  Beauty of the Rose is in its Passing, for solo bassoon, 2 horns, harp, & percussion.  Mario Guarneri, trumpet;  David Breidenthal, bassoon;  orchestra conducted by William Kraft.
S354:    OUT OF PRINT  (see cassette) WEISS FAMILY WOODWINDS:  David, Oboe;   Dawn, Flute;   Abraham, Bassoon.   with Zita Carno, harpsichord & piano.    Vivaldi:  Trio Sonata;  Messiaen:  Le Merle Noir;   Bourdeau:  Premier Solo for Bassoon;   Hindemith:  Oboe Sonata.  David Weiss is co-principal oboe with Los Angeles Philharmonic,  Dawn Weiss is principal flute with Oregon Symphony;  Abraham Weiss is principal bassoon with Rochester Symphony.  (also cassette C354)
S355:    GUNTHER SCHULLER:  Duo Sonata;   STEFAN WOLPE:  Suite im Hexachord;   INGOLF DAHL:  Five Duets.   Floyd Williams & Charles West, clarinets;   Darrel Randall, oboe.  "Congratulations for choice of repertoire & interpretive skills"     High Fidelity
S369:    NED GARDNER, TRUMPET.     Andre Jolivet:  Air de Bravoure;   Jules Semler-Collery:  Evocation et Scherzetto;   Fernando Sulpizi:  Suite Trovadorica;   Georges Enesco:  Legend;   Yves Chardon:  Sonata for D Trumpet & Cello.   "virtuoso trumpet record...a disc I can safely recommend"      Fanfare Magazine
S372:    OUT OF PRINT  CHRISTOPHER LEUBA, HORN,   with Kevin Aanerud, piano.     Sonatas for horn & piano by Halsey Stevens, John Verrall, and Paul Tufts.  Leuba is former solo horn with  Chicago and Minneapolis Symphonies.
S378:    OUT OF PRINT  GREGORY HUSTIS, HORN.   Principal Horn, Dallas Symphony.    Franz Strauss:  Theme and Variations;   Rossini:  Prelude, Theme & Variations;   Villa-Lobos: Choros #4 for 3 Horns & Trombone;   Lefebvre: Romance, op.30;   Jean Francaix: Canon in Octave;  Richard Faith:  Movements for Horn & Piano.   with Simon Sargon, piano.    "ROBUST  VIGOR"      Philadelphia Inquirer
S392:    RogerBOBOTuba:  Boz: Encore;  Spillman:  Two Songs;  Kraft:  Encounters II;  Wilder:  Tuba Encore Piece;  Lazarof:  Cadence VI;  Reynolds:  Signals.   With Thomas Stevens, trumpet; Ralph Grierson, piano.  (The remaining LP(s) are from a noisy pressing)
S394:    DANIEL PERANTONI, TUBA,  with David Hickman, trumpet  Glen Hackbarth:  Double Concerto;   Morgan Powell:  Nocturnes.   with the Illinois Chamber Players, Paul Zonn & Edwin London, conductors.
S422:   OUT OF PRINT (see CD420 or cassette C422) MIGHTY TUBADOURS MERRY CHRISTMAS ALBUM.     Traditional Christmas melodies and classical favorites played by America's favorite tuba quartet.  "42 minutes of holiday fun.  A happy ensemble sound... pleasant entertainment"     Fanfare
S501:    OUT OF PRINT  (see CD) MARNI NIXON sings  "SONGS OF LOVE & PARTING",   by ERNEST GOLD, and  "Coplas" by Mario CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO  Vienna Volksoper Orchestra conducted by Ernest Gold.    "She is a top-notch artist... expressive power"           Stereo Review
S502:    ERNST TOCH In Retrospect.     Sonata for Violin & Piano,   Capricetti & Three Dances,   Geographical Fugue & Valse for Spoken Chorus.     Eudice Shapiro, violin;  Ralph Berkowitz, piano;   Armen Guzelimian, piano;   Camerata of Los Angeles Chorus, H.Vincent Mitzelfelt, conductor.  "MY FIRST CANDIDATE FOR THE YEAR’S TEN BEST RECORDINGS, A WINNER FOR ALL CONCERNED... EXEMPLARY"     Stereophile Magazine
S504:    ELDON RATHBURN:    The Metamorphic Ten,  for accordion, mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass, harp, piano, percussion, & celeste.  Rathburn is a major motion picture studio composer in Canada.  "absolutely fascinating tectures & colors"     Record Review Magazine.      JOHN RODBY:     Concerto for 29, with the London Sinfonietta, Elgar Howarth conductor.
S505:    DONALD ERB:     Trio for Violin, Keyboards, & Percussion.    Ronald Gorevic, violin;   James Primosch, keyboards;    Charles Wilkinson, percussion;  Donald Erb, conductor.     JOHN RODBY: Septet,   for violin, viola,  cello, saxophone, oud, piano, percussion;   Daniel Lewis, conductor.   Five Etudes:   Philip Martin, piano.
S510:    PREMIERES OF THE OLD & NEW, with Meir Rimon, Horn, and members of the Israel Philharmonic, David Amos, conductor.   Karl Matys (ca 1870):  Concertstucke for Horn & Orchestra, no. 2, op.24;   Leone Sinigaglia (1868-1944):  Romanza for Horn & Orchestra;   C.D. Lorenz (ca 1885):  Abendgesang, op. 10;   Johann Friedrich Reichardt (1752-1814):  Das Bild der Rose;  Richard Diciedue (bn. 1932):  Concerto in F Major    (also CD510)
S550:    NEW MUSIC FOR BRASS:   Annapolis Brass Quintet.   George Heussenstamm:  Ensembles for Brass Quintet;   Alvin Etler:  Sonic Sequence;   Douglas Allanbrook:  Commencement Exercises and   Night and Morning Music.  "Musical substance!  The Annapolis group is a marvel of technique and sensibilities",    Fanfare
S551:    BRASS RING. World Premiere Recording of Hans Werner Henze’s Fragments from a Show;  Michel Leclerc:  Par Monts et Par Vaux;   Witold Lutoslawski:  Mini Overture;   Edward Gregson:  Quintet for Brass;   Paul Hindemith:  Four Madrigals.   "IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCES ABOUND",    Fanfare
S552:    CAMBRIDGE SYMPHONIC BRASS ENSEMBLE.     James Sclater:   Concert Piece for Brass Quintet;   Alvin Etler:  Quintet for Brass Instruments;   Brian Holmes:  Tales of the Cultural Revolution;   Ken Pullig:  Jazz Theme Digressions   &   March Oblique;   Gregory Fritze:  Basso Concertino.   "These players deliver the goods.  Lifelike recording",    Consumers’ Research Mag.
S601:    WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET PLAYS HINDEMITH AND NIELSEN QUINTETS.     This recording is still considered a definitive performance of two of the most important works in the Woodwind Quintet repertory.    Stereo Review says   "ULTRA-REFINED & PRECISE PLAYING...FRESHNESS AND VITALITY THROUGHOUT".
S602:   OUT OF PRINT LOS ANGELES BRASS QUINTET,   with harpist Stanley Chaloupka.     J.S. Bach:  Fantasy,  Air pour les Trompettes,  Prelude & Fugue in E Minor;    William Schmidt:   Variations on a Negro Folk-Song;   Rayner Brown:  Concertino for Harp & Brass Quintet;    John Cheetham:   Scherzo.
S632:    VIOLIN & VIOLA VIRTUOSIC DUOS.    Charmian Gadd, violin;    Yizhak Schotten, viola.     Martinu:  Three Madrigals;   Handel/Halvorsen:  Passacaglia;   Ernst Toch:  Divertimento;   Villa-Lobos:  Duo.   "brilliant playing",      Consumers’ Research Magazine
S633:    EDWARD ELGAR  &  WILLIAM WALTON:   Violin Sonatas.   Sidney Weiss, violin.   Concertmaster with the Los Angeles Philharmonic,  formerly Chicago Symphony.     w/Jeanne Weiss, piano.    "both sonatas are impressive works. The excellent duo...a spirited, committed performance"      American Record Guide
S641:   OUT OF PRINT   PERCUSSION  &  WIND INSTRUMENTS,   with Karen Ervin, percussion;   Louise DiTullio, flute;   Mitchell Lurie, clarinet;   Thomas Ervin, trombone.     William Kraft:  Encounters IV, A Duel for Trombone & Percussion;   Ingolf Dahl:  Duettino Concertante for Flute & Percussion;   Frederick Lesemann:  Sonata for Clarinet & Percussion.  "brilliantly played...excellent"     Stereo Review
S642:    FANNY MENDELSSOHN,  Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano.   A major work by Felix Mendelssohn’s sister, performed by Camerata Canada.     also   Saint-Saens:  Tarantella;   and Paganiniana, a humorous look at variations on the theme of Paganini. "Fanny Mendelssohn’s Trio is a gem of a work, beautifully played"    Los Angeles Times
S644:    VERDEHR TRIO.     Walter Verdehr, violin;   Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, clarinet;   Gary Kirkpatrick, piano.   Thomas Christian David:  Trio;   Jere Hutchison:  Nocturnes of the Inferno.   with Deborah Moriarty, piano.   "a winning ensemble"     New York Times
S645:    THE EMPIRE TRIO.     Joanna Jenner, violin;  Ethan Sloane, clarinet;  Paul Posnak, piano.    Ernst Krenek:  Trio;   Anton Webern:  Four Pieces for Violin & Piano;   Benjamin Folkman:  Micropartita for Piano Solo;   Francis Poulenc:  Sonata for Clarinet & Piano;   Darius Milhaud:  Suite for Violin, Clarinet, & Piano.  "highly recommended collection, played with elegance & spirit"     Fanfare
S646:    OUT OF PRINT  MOZART  SERENADE FOR 12  WINDS & CONTRABASS   (Serenade No. 10 in Bb).     Toronto Chamber Winds,  Winston Webber, conductor.    "outstanding in every respect",   Music Magazine.   "beautiful...balance & clarity"     American Record Guide
S647:    JAMES DUNHAM, VIOLA,  &  the  WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET.    Gustav Holst:  Terzetto for Fl;ute, Oboe, & Viola;   Jerzy Sapieyevski:  Concerto for Viola & Winds;    Anthony Plog:  Four Miniatures for Viola & Wind Quintet.   Dunham is violist with the Cleveland String Quartet.   The Holst is "a small masterpiece, the playing is with poise & warm sound"     American Record Guide   (also cassette C647)
S648:    JOSEPH HAYDN:   Three Trios (Hoboken IV);   KAREL HUSA:  Sonata a Tre.    The Verdehr Trio:  Walter Verdehr, violin;  Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, clarinet;  Gary Kirkpatrick, piano.    (cassette, Haydn only, see C100)
S649:    BURIED TREASURES ENSEMBLE:   Adrienne Tworek-Gryta, soprano;  Ronald Richards, oboe/English horn;  Darlene Jussila, bassoon;  Carlo Pinto, piano.  Ferdinando Fortunati:  Three Romances for Voice, Oboe, & Piano;  Henri Brod:  Fantaisie en Trio sur un air espagnol;   Casimer Lalliet:  Terzetto for oboe, bassoon, & piano;  Carlo Pinto:  Three Songs of Madness.   Performers are faculty at SUNY Buffalo.    (also cassette C649)
S650:    HENRY WOLKING: Suite for Baroque Ensemble & Woodwind Quintet No.1;   RAMIRO CORTES:   Rick’s Harpsichord Fantasy & Capriccio for Woodwind Quartet.   Salt Lake Chamber Ensemble, Ricklen Nobis, Harpsichord;  Allegria Quintet.   "A disc worth getting",  American Record Guide
S665:    OUT OF PRINT  THOMAS STEVENS, TRUMPET.   George Antheil:  Sonata;  Peter Maxwell Davies:  Sonata;  Leonard Bernstein:  Rondo for Lifey;   Thomas Stevens:  A New Carnival of Venice & Variations on Clifford Intervals.   With   Zita Carno, piano;  David Wheatley, piano;  Charlie Shoemake, vibraphone;  Barry Lieberman, string bass;  Los Angeles Philharmonic trumpet section   (also cassette C665)
S670:    DOUGLAS HILL,  HORN.     Paul Hindemith:  Sonata for Horn in Eb;   Persichetti:  Parable for Solo Horn;   Iain Hamilton:   Sonata Notturna;   Douglas Hill:  Abstraction for Solo & 8 Horns, and "Laid Back"  from Jazz Soliloquies for Horn.    "Hill plays with the finesse of a fine lieder singer",     San Francisco Chronicle
S671:    RALPH  LOCKWOOD, HORN.     20th-century works for horn & organ.   with Melanie Ninnemann, Organ.     Randall Faust:  Celebration;   Bernhard Kroll:  Missa Muta;   Oreste Ravanello:  Meditazione;   Henk Badings:  Canzone;   Gardner Read:  De Produndis;   Helmut Scheck:  Kleine Partita;   Thomas Woehrmann:  Choral Prelude;   Gunther Marks:  Choral Partita.   Lockwood is principal horn with Eastern Music Festival & Professor at Arizona State University.  Organ used is Aeolian-Skinner from the Gammage Center at Arizona State University.  "a model disc in every respect",    The New Records.
S673:    MEIR RIMON, HORN.     David Deason:  Chamber Concerto for Horn & Percussion;   Tibor Pusztai:  Interactions for Horn & Percussion;   Ruth Schonthal:  Music for Horn & Chamber Orchestra;   Gunther Schuller:  Trois Hommages for Horn & Piano.   with the Indiana Percussion Ensemble, George Gaber, Director;  members of the Israel Philharmonic, Shalom Ronly-Riklis, conductor;  Diane Birr, piano.   Rimon is principal horn with the Israel Philharmonic  "A very satisfying record, well worth hearing",   The New Records
S681:    OUT OF PRINT  WILLIAM RICHARDSON, TROMBONE.  with Arthur Becknell, Piano.  Charles Eakin, Capriccio for Trombone and Tape;  Richard Monaco, Sonata for Trombone and Piano;  Jan Koetsier, Sonatina for Trombone and Piano;  Edward Gregson, Trombone Concerto.  Richardson and Becknell are on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
S700:    OUT OF PRINT  THE BAROQUE TRUMPET AND ORGAN. Fred Sautter, Trumpet; Roger Sherman, Organ. Music by Viviani, Fantini, Bruhns, Alcock, and Walond.
S702:   BAROQUE CONSORT. David Hickman, Trumpet; William Neil, Organ. Telemann, Heldenmusik; J.S.Bach, Sinfonia from Easter Oratorio and Choruses from Cantata 63; Bach/Gounod, Ave Maria; Albinoni, Sonata in C; Malotte, The Lord’s Prayer.
S703:    LOS ANGELES BAROQUE PLAYERS.     J.S. Bach:  Trio Sonata in F;   Johann Friedrich Fasch:  Trio Sonata in G;   Karl Stamitz:  Trio Sonata in F;   Willem de Fesch:  Trio Sonata IV in G Minor.     Susan Greenberg, flute;   Sheldon Sanov, violin;   Bess Karp, harpsichord;   Selene Hurford, cello.   "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ",   San Francisco Chronicle
S730:    DAVID HARMAN, CLARINET.   French Clarinet Music.     Camille Saint-Saens:  Sonate op. 167;   Paul Jeanjean:  Andantino & Scherzo Brillante;   Philippe Gaubert:  Fantaisie;   Andre Messager:  Solo de Concours.   with John York, piano.   "Especially recommended for clarinet fans"      American Rcd Guide
S735:    ALBERTA HURST, TENOR VIOLIN   J.S. Bach: Arioso;  Boccherini: Sonata in A Major;  Telemann: Trio-Sonata in F Major; Gal: Suite for Recorder & Tenor Violin
S750:    WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET.     SAMUEL BARBER:   Summer Music;   GYORGI LIGETI:   Six Bagatelles;   MARK CARLSON:  Nightwings (for tape & wwquintet).   "Marvelous!  The Los Angeles-based Westwood Quintet leaves nothing to be desired in way of sterling playing.  Fine, balanced program. The result is a honey. "   San Francisco Chronicle    (also CD750 & cassette C750)
S811:    WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET:     Robert Linn:  Wood¬wind Quintet;   George Heussenstamm:  Seven Etudes;   Boris Pillin:  Scherzo;   Herman Stein:  Sour Suite. "Outstanding"   The New Records
S812:    OUT OF PRINT  WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET  with Thomas Stevens, trumpet, & Roger Greenberg, baritone saxophone.   Revueltas:  Two Little Serious Pieces;   Ginastera:  Duo for Flute & Oboe;   Chavez:  Soli for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, & Trumpet;   Cortes:  Three Movements for Five Winds,  and  Duo for Flute & Oboe.   "playing throughout is crisp, authoritative, and an aural joy",      High Fidelity
S821:    OUT OF PRINT  LOS ANGELES BRASS QUINTET & PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE.     William Kraft:  Nonet;   Frank Campo:  Madrigals;   William Schmidt:  Concertino for Piano & Brass Quintet;   with Sahron Davis, piano.
S852:    LEONARD SHARROW, BASSOON.     former first bassoon with NBC Symphony (Toscanini) & Chicago Symphony (Reiner), retired from Pittsburgh Symphony, died in 2004.    Ray Luke:  Concerto for Bassoon & Orchestra;   Dan Welcher:  Concerto da Camera.    Crystal Chamber Orchestra, Ernest Gold, conductor.
S853:    LOU HARRISON:   Concerto for Violin & Percussion Orchestra;   ROBERT LINN:  Concertino for Violin & Wind Octet.     Eudice Shapiro, violin;   William Kraft, conductor;  Los Angeles Percussion Ensemble;   Crystal Chamber Orchestra.    "THE VIOLIN SOARS AND SINGS.   SUPERB PERFORMANCE",     High Fidelity
S858:    ORGANIST DAVID CRAIGHEAD,   renowned recitalist and chairman of organ dept. at Eastman School of Music.    LOU HARRISON:  Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra;   SAMUEL ADLER:  Xenia, A Dialog for Organ and Percussion;   PAUL COOPER:  Variations for Organ.   with Los Angeles Percussion Ensemble, William Kraft, conductor;  Gordon Stout, percussionist.   "One of a kind recording... outstanding",     Diapason
S862:    ERNEST GOLD,   Symphony for Five Instruments;    ALEXANDER BORISOFF,  Variations on a Theme of Paganini.     Israel Baker Ensemble;  Roman Rudnytsky, piano.   "Gold’s Symphony is a strong, deeply expressive work",     New York Daily News
S861:    LAMBRO: Music for Wind, Brass, Percussion; LOMBARDO: Largo for String Quartet; CORTÉS: Meditation for String Orchestra  (Remaining LP(s) not shrink-wrapped)
S890:    IGOR STRAVINSKY:   Ave Maria, Anthem, Pater Noster;   PERRY BEACH:  Then Said Isaiah;    JOSEPH KANTOR:  Playthings of the Wind, text by Carl Sandburg.         Camerata of Los Angeles Orchestra & Chorus,  H. V. Mitzelfelt, conductor.     "Dramatically impressive performances",    Los Angeles Times
S902:    OUT OF PRINT  MOZART:  Vesperae de Dominica, K321;   Concert Aria  "Ah, Se in Ciel",  K538.     Delcina Stevenson, soprano;   Camerata Orchestra,  Soloists, & Chorus  conducted by H. Vincent Mitzelfelt.   "High quality.  Fully deserves a wide audience",   The New Records
AV1010:     OUT OF PRINT  REFLECTIONS/The Chamber Music of Edward Applebaum.   performed by the Montagnana Trio  (John Gates, clarinet;   Caroline Worthington, cello;   Delores Stevens, piano);   Peter Mark, viola;   Thea Musgrave, piano.
AV1017:     ANN MASON STOCKTON, HARP.     "Nostalgique"     Ravel:  Introduction & Allegro;   McDonald:  Suite from Childhood;   Caplet:  Conte Fantastique.
AV1019:     HENRI  LAZAROF:    Third Chamber Concerto for Twelve Soloists;   Cadence VI for Tuba & Tape  (Roger Bobo, tuba);   Duo-1973  (Gabor Rejto, cello;   Alice Rejto, piano);   Adieu  (Gary Gray, clarinet;   Irma Vallecillo, piano).
GS1011:    PIANO MUSIC OF ANDRE SINGER.    Three Serial Pieces for Piano, Sonata for Two Pianos,  Nine Parables to Franz Kafka’s "Amerika" for narrator & Piano.  Jean and Kenneth  Wentworth, pianists.
GS1012:    OUT OF PRINT  EDMUND NAJERA:  Secundum Lucum  for Choir, Chamber Orchestra, and Organ.   Peabody Conservatory Choir & Chamber Orchestra, Gregg Smith, conductor.
GS1013:    OUT OF PRINT  DALE JERGENSON:   Requiem for a City   for six choirs & pre-recorded tape;  The Vision   for soprano, flute, & clarinet;   Tanka Pieces   for soprano, flute, & clarinet.   Rosalind Rees, soprano;  Katherine Hoover, flute;  Richard Wagner, clarinet;  Peabody Conserv. Concert Choir;  Gregg Smith, cond.
GS1014:    GREGG SMITH SINGERS.  Choral Music of Franz Schubert:   Mirjam’s Siegesgesang, Nachtelle, Der Gondelfahrer, Trinklied.   Esther Martinez, soprano; Douglas Perry, tenor;  Raymond Beegle, piano.
GS1021:    OUT OF PRINT  MONTAGNANA TRIO :  John Gates, clarinet;  Caroline Worthington, cello;  Delores Stevens, piano.    ELLSWORTH MILLBURN:  Soli III;  WILLIAM SYDEMAN;  Trio Montagnana.
GS1022:    JEFFREY KAUFMAN:  In Time Past Time Remembered  for soprano, boy soprano, clarinet, viola, piano, & percussion.   EDWARD MacDOWELL:  Three Pieces for Clarinet & Piano.   Barbara Martin, soprano;  Lawrence Sobol, clarinet.
GS1038:    OUT OF PRINT  BRAHMS   Symphony No. 4 in E Minor.    Sinfonia of London.  Joseph Eger, conductor.
GS1039:    OUT OF PRINT  RICHARD STRAUSS   Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme Suite, op. 60;   GRIEG   Holberg Suite for Strings, op. 40.    New York Orchestral Society & Sinfonia of London, Joseph Eger, conductor.
GS1044:    OUT OF PRINT  JOSEF TAL  Shape;   MICHAEL BAROLSKY  Cries and Whispers.    Contemporary Players of University of Chicago.
GS1045:    OUT OF PRINT  BEN-ZION ORGAD  Dialogues on the First Scroll;   JACOB GILBOA  The Beth Alpha Mosaic.    Contemporary Players of University of Chicago, Ralph Shapey, Music Director.
GS1050:    OUT OF PRINT  JEAN & KENNETH WENTWORTH, PIANO FOUR HANDS Persichetti:  Concerto for Piano, Four Hands;  Kupferman: Infinities 15;  Robert Starer: Fantasia Concertante.
GS1051:    OUT OF PRINT  August 12, 1952:  The Night of the Murdered Poets.  Morris Moshe Cotel, composer / conductor;  Eli Wallach, narrator
"his music has a unique tang...there is nothing else quite like it...Most of his work shows a deeply serious religious and mystical impulse. ..grateful to the ear...gorgeous"       Stereo Review
POS-1001:     OUT OF PRINT  SYMPHONY #11:    "All Men Are Brothers"   The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,  Composer conducting   (see CD801)
POS-1002:    OUT OF PRINT (see CD804)  FRA ANGELICO.     Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Composer conducting.    REQUIEM AND RESSURECTION,     Jersey  Wind Symphony,  Composer conducting.   (see CD804 & CD805)
POS-1004:     OUT OF PRINT (see CD804)  SYMPHONY ETCHMIADZIN  (Symphony No. 21),    ARMENIAN RHAPSODY #3   for String Orchestra,    MOUNTAINS & RIVERS WITHOUT END:   Chamber Symphony.    The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Composer conducting.  (see CD804)
POS-1005:     SONGS,  VOL. 1:   LOVE SONGS OF HAFIZ   and other songs.     Ara Berberian, bass;    Composer, piano.
POS-1007  (mono):     FANTASY FOR PIANO.   Composer,  piano.
POS-1008:     SONGS, vol. 2:     THE FLUTE PLAYER OF THE ARMENIAN  MOUNTAINS and other songs.   Ara Berberian, bass;  Composer, piano.
POS-1009:     SONGS, vol. 3:     DISTANT LAKE OF SIGHS and other songs.     Ara Berberian, bass;   Composer, piano.
POS-1010:     SATURN:  Cantata for Soprano, Clarinet, Piano.   Kate Hurney, soprano; Lawrence Sobol, clarinet; Martin Berkofsky,piano
POS-1011:     KHALDIS:   Concerto for Piano, 4 Trumpets, & Percussion.   Martin Berkofsky, piano;  Lawrence Sobol, conductor.   THE SPIRIT OF INK for 3 Flutes.   Samuel Baron, flute (all 3 parts)
POS-1014:    OUT OF PRINT (see CD807) ODYSSEUS  SYMPHONY  (Symphony No. 25).     Polyphonia Orchestra of London,  Composer conducting.
POS-1017:     SONATAS  #1  &  #7   by Giustini.     Horszowski,  piano.  Hovhaness:   Prayer of Saint Gregory   &   Symphony  #6: "Celestial Gate"   Polyphonia Orchestra of  London,   Composer conducting.
POS-1018:     MAGNIFICAT:   Soli, Chorus,  &  Orchestra. University  of Louisville Choir and the Louisville Orchestra,  Robert Whitney, conductor.